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Snap Notts: Lace Market

6 November 19 words: Joshua Judson
photos: Curtis Powell

This issue's poet and photographer explored the industrial past of the lace market...

Stoney Street

I get therapy in Lace Market  where the buildings are so tall it makes the sky seem further away   I get therapy Sunday mornings so I’m nearly always hungover  overthinking the fact of getting therapy somewhere that makes me feel so small   Something loud and obnoxious in my headphones to keep me going   Something ghostly about the quiet and the half-light   Walking past closed-up bars that  from the outside  don’t look like they fit in these massive buildings  like bars round here are kids dressed in their parents clothes or something   I wait outside in the rain  wait for my therapist to let me into a building built to store delicate things   In therapy we talk about personal chaos and the chaos of other people   Ode to cacophony of chip paper being blown about outside Lace Market Fish Bar   Ode to every good idea being shot down in meetings in the offices these buildings have become   All over the city you can find these very wide windows like letterboxes  put there to get as much sunlight as possible throughout the day for lace workers   I think all the time about looking out on everything from one of those windows   I always want to see everything at once but you never can can you

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