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6 Things to Do in Nottingham This Weekend

14 November 19 words: LeftLion

Six ways to spend yer weekend...


When? Friday 15 November, 7pm
Where? Metronome
What? Prepare to be moved by this one of a kind audiovisual performance. Paul K Joyce - of Bob the Builder composing fame - discovered the poems written by a young dyslexic and dyspraxic Johnnie Douglas-Pennant, penned after his sister died from cystic fibrosis. Johnnie sadly died in a drowning accident aged 17, and his family published his poems for the world to see. The Michael Sheen provides voiceover work to go alongside the music, which are paired with soundscapes by Chris Watson. £1 from each ticket will go to cystic fibrosis charity Anna’s Trust, which was set up by Johnnie’s mother. It sounds like summat proper special, so get yourselves down there. 
How much? £12
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Saturday Art Club

When? Saturday 16 November, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Where? New Art Exchange
What? Yank yer kids away from the telly and those tapping rectangles, and get ‘em doing something proper creative. This season’s club takes inspo from current installation Mimesis: African Soldier, and will explore various themes to do with this. Your little one will be able to create a fantastic collage by mashing together maps and images of soldiers. It’s definitely summat that will both get your noggins whirring and that you can enjoy as well. It’s a drop-in workshop, so whether you’re an early bird or a late plate, you can get stuck in. 
How much? Free
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Equation Charity Pop-Up Shop

When? Saturday 16 November, 1pm - 5pm
Where? Rough Trade
What? Pop down to local charity Equation’s pop-up shop. They’ll be selling a whole host of clothes and accessories for all genders, from big brands as well as your indy brands too. Not only this, but there will be a glitter station to bring out your inner mermaid/unicorn/, female DJs, and of course the classic festive raffle. Funds raised will go to the charity, who specialise in reducing domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality in the community. It’s always good to help charities, but now tinsel’s being sold in Tesco and the John Lewis ad is out, you’ve got nowt excuse not to get involved in the giving season.
How much? £1.50 - £2
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Supporting Fathers with Mental Health

When? Saturday 16 November, 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Where? Notts CYP Monty Hind 
What? This event sees the launch of Interactive Saturdays, which aims to help bring families together every month. It will be hosted by local mental health movement Truth Movement and community organisation Our Forefathers C.I.C, who will provide confidential drop ins specifically focused on supporting male mental health. They will give parental support and advice, male domestic abuse support, and children and family guidance. There will also be activities on the day for all family members, so everyone can get involved. If this sounds like something that’ll help you or someone you know, go along or spread the word.
How much? Free
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The Lancashire Hotpots: Beerhemian Rhapsody

When? Saturday 16 November, 6:30pm
Where? Rescue Rooms
What? Is this the real life, or just fantasy? When you’re caught in a landslide with no escape from reality, there ain’t a better way to cheer yourself up than to have a night of pure musical chuckles. Warm up your funny bones with The Lancashire Hotpots as they bring you their classic tunes such as Shopmobility Scooter, Chippy Tea, and I Fear Ikea. With lyrics like ‘Chippy tea, chippy tea, I want's a chippy tea, but you keep givin posh nosh, it don't agree with me’, you know it’s gonna be a relatable whack of hoots.
How much? £15 - £16.50
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Holst: The Planets Suite

When? Sunday 17 November, 3pm
Where? Albert Hall
What? If you ain’t heard already, 2019 marks 50 whole years since Apollo 11’s zip zap zoom to the moon, and the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra are celebrating it with a big bang. The music in the performance  will explore astrology, painting a picture of various aspects of being a human bean. The beautiful sounds will be accompanied by visuals from the University of Nottingham’s School of Physics and Astronomy, so you can just imagine yourself floating around all those spacey bits. Trust us, with all the malarkey going on in the world at the moment, you need this sort of escape.
How much? £5 - £18
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