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Lost City

Food Review: Son of Steak

26 October 19 words: Natalie Owen

We've always wanted to know the secrets behind a well-cooked sirloin...

I’ve always wanted to know the secrets behind a well-cooked sirloin. Luckily for me, I got to do just that when I was invited to Son of Steak’s tasty steak masterclass with two of their expert chefs. On arrival we were greeted by refreshing mojitos on tap and a few snacks: crispy onion loaf, crispy garlic butter mushrooms, cauliflower wedges, fries with beef dripping gravy and a cheesy hash brown smash, all of which feature on their menu as sides. The hash brown dish was undeniably my favourite — the cheesy sauce dribbled all over topped off with spring onions hit the spot.

The chefs welcomed us all by presenting us with fresh cuts of beef, explaining which part of the animal they each came from — they serve flat iron, ribeye, sirloin, rump, New York strip and picanha. After sampling a bit of each, I concluded that the flat iron was my favourite, so it’s no wonder they class it as their signature dish. They even do a vegan version of the flat iron, which is 100% plant-based with natural protein from soya and wheat. Lovely.

Throughout the course of the evening, we learnt plenty of meaty tid-bits. Son of Steak’s meat is carefully sourced from selected British and Irish farms, then dry and wet-aged for 28 days. I was also surprised to learn that a good steak comes from a happy animal — if the animal is in distress, the cut of meat can become what experts called DFD: dark, firm and dry. The restaurant also resists using plastic when storing their steaks, instead using a precision cooker that uses water vapor for two hours in a 400 degree grill, finishing them off with butter to ensure they don’t dry out. 

Filling myself with both tender meat and cooking knowledge, I’d say it was a great evening all round, and I would definitely recommend booking a table in future if you’re after tasty food at affordable prices.

Trinity Square, NG1 4AF

Son of Steak website

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