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Confetti - Do It For Real

The Thompson Brothers on Their Best Invention

30 October 19 interview: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

The best invention ever has to be the Harrier Jump Jet, which was invented by Rolls Royce in Hucknall. We also very much like umbrellas and Concorde. Isn’t Innovation Park at the University of Nottingham lovely? All those snazzy buildings. We deliver Christmas trees over there and we could do with something to carry the trees on, once we’ve got them out of the van. Anyone invented one of those?

Have you ever invented anything?
We invented National Gherkin Week. We’re all for it. When our customers ask us which week it is, we let them know it’s on all year round. It’s more of a theoretical week, rather than a defined period of seven days.

Bonfire Night
We used to go round to Aiden and Jane’s every bonfire night, but then they had an accident. And their children grew up. And they moved to New Zealand. So we don’t do that anymore. We’ll be having a bonfire in our garden with an effigy and some fireworks instead. We don’t like the one at the Forest Rec; it’s pretty but you always end up with neck ache because you’re looking up for about half an hour.

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