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The Comedy of Errors

LGBTQ+ Notts: What's Kicking Off in October?

30 September 19 words: Caroline Barry

Caroline Barry has been gallivanting around Nottingham for all the incredible gay and gay-adjacent events this month...

Ah September. A month where the weather turns, the leaves fall and the glorious Technicolor dream coat of Pride has sufficiently passed. Unfortunately, that means we’ve seen homophobia rear its ugly head again.

A chip shop featured in the local press after their treatment of a lesbian couple went viral. They prominently feature at the end of one of our gayest streets and benefitted nicely from the Pride events in July. This was followed by the publication of a very homophobic opinion letter in a local publication. The publication, despite  receiving letters has not apologised for publishing hatred. We’ve also seen the recent protests about making schools LGBT+ inclusive spread to this city too. What is going on!

I want to make it very clear. You cannot make money from queer people one day and oppress us the next. You are either with us or so be it. Don’t be present at pride, taking and publishing photos of happy gays before presenting blatant homophobia less then three months later. Don’t plaster pride flags all over your shop and ignore people who ask, HOW are you contributing to the queer movement?

Small acts of micro aggression on the behalf of individuals are felt massively by the community.  It confirms and tells others that it’s okay to treat lesbians, gays, trans and more like second-class citizens. It puts us in danger.

Recently, I took the GF to Dublin to experience Ireland for the first time. We were ‘bothered’ on the bus by straight drunk men. I found myself bracing for the punch or the fight that is a very real threat. I’m a 6ft tall woman who is dressed like a lunatic (I have neon yellow hair, piercings and tattoos) and my GF is smaller then me – it will be me that gets hit. ‘Opinions’ that are homophobic make us feel unsafe in our own skin, in our communities and in our relationships. 

But September isn’t all doom and gloom. I’ve been out and about as usual. The month started with a big gay bang (oo-er) thanks to the wonderful crew at Gilded Merkin who put on their burlesque evening at Glee Club. Despite all the wonderful women who performed, surprisingly as I’m a femme lesbian woman, it was a big bear of a man called Dave who stole the show with a Game of Thrones inspired strip down.

We then attended the screening of Seahorse by Broadway’s own Jeanie Finlay this month. If you didn’t catch it then BBC have screened it, so just jump on catch up. It tells the story of Freddy and his experience of being a trans man giving birth.  It was not just incredibly moving but beautifully shot, and the story told so sensitively. Supporting LGBT+ cinema has never been so important. If we don’t use it, we lose it. So get those tickets, fill those seats and tweet those directors. Let them know we appreciate it.

What are we heading to in October? Myself and herself are off to the magical land of Stockholm this month where I am visiting my first queer tattoo studio that specialise in vegan and LGBT+ kink friendly tattoos.

The fantastic crew of Reel Equality (of which I am a part of) will be screening the John Waters version of Hairspray at the Contemporary too. I’ve never seen Hairspray so I’m excited to see it.

We will be appearing at quite a few gigs before hand though. The amazing Martha, Cheerbleederz and Grace Petrie are just some of the wonderful queer or feminist or both acts that are on my radar for this month. Big shout out to Fan Club who put on a wonderful event for the last ever Spook School gig at Rough Trade last month.  October is of course Halloween so I am oiling my PVC as I type and getting ready to lube into something special for the season (It’s Goth Christmas!) as I am heading to the Halloween special from DFS.  Pass the talcum powder will yer?

2nd – Hairspray screening. Reel Equality Film Club. Nottingham Contemporary
2nd – Unorthodox: LGBT + Identity + Faith: 5 Leaves Book store.
3rd- Cheerbleederz / Fan Club /  JT Soar / £6.50
9th- Grace Petrie / Rescue Rooms / £15.40
26th- DFS Halloween Special. Trick or Treat, Freak.
29th- Drag Bingo / Rough Trade / 8pm / £2-5

6th – Cabaret (1972) screening. (Film) Nottingham Contemporary.
9th – Queer and trans pop up exhibition (Art) New Art Exchange.
9th. Reclaim the night march. (Protest) Sneinton Market.
19th- Suzy Ruffell.  Dance like everybody’s watching. (comedy) Glee Club
21st- Vanessa Vanjee Mateo. (Drag) Glee Club SOLD OUT
24th- Conscious Xmas Gift Market (Shopping) Malt Cross
30th – Etsy Made Local Xmas Market (Shopping) Notts City Council House. Market Square

4th – Hedwig & the Angry Inch screening (Film) Nottingham Contemporary
8th – Gilded Merkin (Burlesque and Cabaret) Glee Club
11th – Sara Keyworth (Comedy) Glee Club.

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