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LGBTQ+ Notts: What's Kicking Off in September

4 September 19 words: Caroline Barry

There is nothing like the quiet, post pride silence of the last month of the summer to make you really consider what you have to be thankful for. It’s also a good opportunity to let your liver recover after those £5 rainbow pride cocktails...

I’ve been thinking about home a lot recently and the meaning of family. We are so lucky as LGBT+  people that we form our own families when we come out. I think about how many more gay women are part of my circle now that I have come out as a lesbian than before. On discovering another gay person at work, in the bar or even just in the room, you often feel as if someone has thrown you a lifeline. Your behaviour, the very gayness of you becomes relatable and communicative.

I’ve been out since I was fifteen. I came out as bisexual in rural west cork where I had almost two hours of travelling to get to a gay bar. The last bus always went at 8.30, just as the bars filled up.  I knew no one who was gay, bisexual or transgender. I knew nothing other than gender binary and the heteronormative lifestyle. Meeting my first gay women was a revelation to me that others felt the same way I did.  

At 34, I am an old pro at entering gay spaces and claiming my stake at the bar. I’ve been fortunate to recently take over as one of the admins for the Nottingham 20s and 30s group on Facebook, which has meant casting an eye over proceedings and organising meet ups occasionally. I’ve been so pleased to meet new members, new friends and get to know everyone.  It’s also presented me with messages which have made me realise that while for me this may be old news, but for many it’s brand new.

There will be many of us having new experiences this year. September brings the first influx of students to our universities and colleges, many of which will be entering gay spaces and freedom from parents for the first time. It’s worth noting that this means having a bit more patience and understanding, extending our knowledge and a helping hand if someone is struggling to get out there.

So that in mind, what is out there for those of us looking to party? September is a bumper time for those looking for a night out.  The month begins with a gig and a good night out with a sad edge. Spook School are wrapping things up with a final farewell this Friday in Rough Trade. It is with much sadness we will wave goodbye while screaming along to Binary. Many thanks to Fan Club for putting on this event and indeed for having the foresight to book Cheerbleederz for October.

Our second event is a screening at Broadway for the film Seahorse, which follows the parenting journey of Freddy, a 30 year old transgender man who has just given birth. The event also has a Q&A with award winning director, Jeannie Finlay.

I have just booked my ticket to the wonderful Gilded Merkin for an evening of burlesque with a good mix of camp realness. If you haven’t been down to Glee Club for this event, make sure you do. A collection of well curated, professional burlesque acts from male pole dancers to fire breathers to comedians.

Nottingham based Haus of Dread will taking on DirtyFilthySexy in a battle to end the ages on the 28th in Alberts. I’m already planning outfits, even if I’m slightly dreading how many nights out I’ve actually booked in one go. Pray for me.

September events

4th- Talk to us / Making Nottingham safe for LGBT focus group / Broadway / 6-8pm

6th- Spook School / Fan Club / Final Farewell / Rough Trade / SOLD OUT

7th- Scream Queenz / New Foresters / 11:30pm

9th- Broadway / Seahorse + Q&A (Film and panel) / 6pm / £9

13th- Queer Noise Club 2 / Metronome 

15th- Glee Club / Gilded Merkin / 7pm / £15

18th- Drag Bingo / Rough Trade / 8pm / £2-5

28th- DFS VS Haus of Dread / Alberts / £5+

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