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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

9 September 19

The latest sounds from the Nottingham vault...

Dudley Strangeways
Leo’s Landed (EP) 
Local label Leftback boss Dudley Strangeways returns with a release that is the epitome of the output’s deep, minimal sound – delve deeper and you’ll find it’s also a wonderfully weird left-field offering, set for murky dancefloors. The opener Flipside Flute is a highlight, using a wind instrument layered among a sea of stripped back beats to add a world music element. Overall, it’s tailor-made for partygoers looking for a swift turn away from the genre’s usual offerings. Rory Evans

S.T. Manville
Somebody Else’s Songs (Album) 
Ever wondered what Blink-182 would have sounded like if they’d got proper into folk? Well thank your lucky stars, because Midlands singer songwriter (and ex-Blakfish member) S.T. Manville has taken one for the team and found out on his new album. While it does exactly what it says on the tin – eleven tracks written by other bands – listening is half an hour damn well spent. Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle particularly benefits from Manville’s irresistible folk interpretation. Becky Timmins

Benjamin Luhis 
Social Music (Album) 
Notts multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Luhis brings us a disconcerting and thoroughly engaging debut release. Haunting horns create an eerie opening, before thick sticky waves of funk grooves smother everything in close proximity. Don’t be misled – the awkward horns return, and this encapsulates the record. Refusing to submit to background music, it is uncomfortable to the point of forcing the listener into giving it more attention. Like Mildlife, without the desire to fill dancefloors. Rob Johnson 

Gallery 47
Chaos Ensued (Album)
Things don’t get much brighter than Chaos Ensued, the latest album from Notts-born singer songwriter Gallery 47, aka Jack Peachey. Yet a scratch under the surface reveals one heck of an expansive offering. From the hazy opening of Choices, and the jazz-inspired keys of Downcaster Rivers, to the sheer pop spirit of Weeklong, this is a vibrant, heavy, and at times psychedelic, take on his signature alt folk. Big love for the closing riff on Rise; proper juicy, that. Becky Timmins

Various Artists 
Mimm Exploration Compilation Vol 2
Mimm is back with a carefully crafted ba-tat-tat. Expect tracks from thirteen artists united by a link to Notts, downbeat tempo and electronic roots, but dispersed as soundmasters including Congi, Pete Beardsworth, Lone and Metske offer up their own take on the theme. Funk fans will have Coffee Club Boyz’ Slow Ride in the Morning on repeat (following a killer in-store set at Wigflex City Festival), while Jimi Perspective’s Peaches offers a soundscape that’s more gritty than sweet. One to be treasured as a yardstick of Nottingham’s creative output. Eileen Pegg

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