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Snap Notts: River Trent

23 September 19 words: Lytisha Tunbridge
photos: Mike Kane

This month's collaboration takes inspiration from the banks of the Trent...

Treasure hunting
along the banks of the Trent
they spied some seats
with functioning bits and fleet as
ducks on their feet, grabbed them

It’s ‘im what found ‘em
Just left to be took
It’s amazing what you find
when you just look

They couldn’t seem happier
as they passed us by, waving
their St George flag chairs
above their heads high

No response from the fisherman
sat below on the steps
with his eyes on his line
flicking wrist, waiting nets

Behind is his bike, though how it all fits
the seat, the brolly, and sundry bits
the tackle box, rods, nets and fresh bait
I can’t begin to imagine

Further along, the scaffold is all coming down
only small fencing left of the festival surrounds
The Senegalese, the Salsa, Sneinton with the funk
the drinkers, the chatters, the dancers in front

the fair rides, the foodies, the doughnuts all gone
Only a little mud churn and Canada Geese left
you’d never know you’d missed the Riverside fest
as the rowers’ synchronised rhythmic dips zip home


passing, I may be, though faded
still functional and able to surprise you yet
and the detritus of fun
trails behind
but all things pass
only memories are left
look ahead as I drift away

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