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Nottingham Castle

The Thompson Brothers on Stand Up Comedians, Goose Fair and Pumpkins

28 September 19 interview: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

There are three comedy shows we will adore forever: Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads, M*A*S*H and Dad’s Army. They are the best TV comedy shows ever. Cheers was wonderful too, but not as funny. Some of the Carry On films were good, Carry On Screaming and Carry On Up The Khyber being the best. We didn’t like Monty Python that much, we always preferred The Goon Show.

We’re not big fans of stand-up. We saw both Lenny Henry and Michael McIntyre in Nottingham and they were mildly amusing, but they weren’t hilarious. We went to see Eddie Izzard and that was just hard work. He did his entire encore in French. We didn’t understand any of it. He didn’t do the ‘pear joke’ either.

Goose Fair
We have awful memories of it as children for reasons we don’t want to go into. But we will be going this year. Our birthday falls at the same time of the year, so we like to go to the pub, have a skinful and then move on to the fair. We’ll have some peas, but we never really go on any of the rides. We’re not into the cocks on sticks either, all of that is a little bit coarse for us.

We won’t be doing anything that night. We can’t stand it. It’s an American invention and there’s no room for it in this country. If people invite us to their parties we’ll turn them down. However, we’ll be selling pumpkins in the shop because they’re a marvellous food which beats the old fashioned swede. And people seem to like them.

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