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Create Your Own Spa Day at Home

14 April 20 words: Hannah Cooke

Just because you haven’t worn makeup in weeks or your beard is verging on the bushy side, it doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a little TLC. Self-care is more important than ever, so we’re guiding you through how to throw the ultimate spa day experience at home....

Set the Scene
You can’t recreate a spa experience at home without creating the perfect atmosphere. Thankfully it’s easy to turn your bedroom/bathroom/living room into a soothing sanctuary. Blow the dust of your candles, dim the lights, choose your Spotify playlist and grab yourself a beverage – may we suggest a refreshing G&T. And no scrimping on the candles. Treat yourself by going all out and burning your biggest and best candle. We’re in a national lockdown after all. It can’t get more special than that.

Dig Out the Unwanted Birthday Gifts
No not the gift card for Next your nan got you – we mean that posh gift set stuff you thought you’d never use! It’s time to rummage through your toiletry box and dig out every bath bomb, face mask and body scrub you own. Although do just check they’re all still in date. You might not be leaving the house but we still don’t want you coming out in an itchy red rash. Yuck.

Get Steamy
The only way to begin the perfect spa day is with a steaming hot bath. Throw in a bath bomb or some Epsom salts and, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even scatter some rose petals in there too (or the shrivelled petals of the wilting flowers in your living room). If you don’t have a bath, fear not, because you can still unwind just as well with a shower. Damp a face cloth with some essential oil or a spray of fragrance, hang it somewhere in the bathroom and let the steam from the shower do the rest.

If You Only Do One Thing…
Make it the face mask. No spa day is complete without the face mask. So much variety, so many choices. Whether you opt for a sheet mask that makes you look like a Disney princess, or a charcoal one that will also give you a full-face wax at the same time – it’s totally up to you. If you don’t have any face masks to hand, make your own one by mixing avocado, honey and oats.

Don’t Forget Your #bodyisatemple
Often neglected, the skin on your body is just as important. Give yourself a good scrub first to slough off any dead skin, working from the bottom up in circular motions. Again, if you don’t have any scrub lying around, mix sugar and honey or olive oil to make your own. Follow up with a slathering of moisturiser to restore that natural glow.

Get Back on Your Feet
If your new-found love for running has left your feet feeling worse for wear, a foot soak will help you get back out for your daily state-approved exercise in no time. If you don’t have a foot spa from the mid-nineties somewhere in the loft, fill a bowl with some hot water, add some Epsom salts or bath soak, sit back and relax. Follow up with some thick moisturiser and pop on a pair of cotton socks to make sure it all sinks in.

Get Rid of the Panda Eyes
Another very important area that’s usually skipped is the eyes. The skin around your eyes is way thinner than anywhere else which is why it’s usually the first giveaway of a late night. But don’t worry, you can fake a great night’s sleep with a reviving eye treatment. Pop some cold teabags or cool slices of cucumber on to your eyes, lay back and relax whilst listening to your favourite podcast. 

Aaaaand Relax
By now you should be feeling super zen, so you could even finish up your at-home spa experience with a bit of meditation – there are plenty of apps that can guide you through some chilled sessions. When you’re ready, cosy up in your comfiest pyjamas, shut your phone away and wind down with a good book, or head straight for an early night to catch some zzz. 

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