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Ye Olde Trip Now Covered in Rainbows

29 April 20

Following a BBC news story earlier this month expressing sadness at England's oldest inn being boarded up, we're pleased to report that the place is now covered in rainbows...

The rainbow boardings were installed and printed by Fastgraphics, a printing company run by local entrepreneur and sometime Kemet FM host Tony Bates. Tony was quoted in the original BBC article and said: “When I first noticed that Ye Olde Trip, a Nottingham icon, was boarded up it genuinely made me sad. I also thought it gave out a terrible message, so negative."

"I live nearby and am a regular at the pub and, after discussions with the council I didn’t hesitate in proving the graphics free of charge. I know the manager, Karl Gibson, well and he was happy for us to do the work and delighted with the outcome.”

Councillor Sam Webster, Portfolio Holder for Finance, Growth and the City Centre, said: “We thought the banner outside the Trip supporting key workers was a great sentiment and worked with Little Green Box Design and Fast Graphics to pull together something that paid a similar tribute and brightened up what would otherwise be a pretty gloomy vision.

"The message on the windows is really a symbol of huge thanks on behalf of Nottingham people to all of those key workers who are working so hard in difficult circumstances."

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