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Yoga at Home Routine with Victoria Louise

10 April 20 words: Victoria Louise

Being stuck indoors all day can have a hugely negative impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing, particularly during a time of so much anxiety and uncertainty. So we’ve teamed up with local yoga expert Victoria Louise to offer some simple moves that can help keep your body and mind on track…


Yoga and meditation help connect you back into your body and out of any overwhelming thoughts. By slowing down your breathing and making it go deeper into your belly, you will create a more calming sensation as you activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Bringing more oxygen into your body provides the healing immune-boosting properties. Introducing the element of yoga has the calming effect with the breathwork, and also balances your strength and flexibility, which in these times is important. We all want a strong, healthy mind and a strong, healthy body.

Yoga and meditation also teach us to sit with discomfort, look inside ourselves and understand what is really going on under the surface. In a time of the unknown and uncertainty, yoga and meditation practice bring awareness to what we do have control over in our lives and what we can be grateful for. We’ve put together some easy steps that beginners can use to start their practice, and that can be done easily at home.

Meditation Breathing Practice
Set a timer for 3-5 minutes. Sit or lie comfortably, feel into the body, then breathe into the nose for four counts. Pause, then breathe out of your mouth for six counts. Repeat until the timer goes off and notice how the body feels as you practise this breathing.

You can join Victoria Louise online for workshops on breath work, meditation and yoga practices, as well as 1-to-1s.

Victoria Louise website

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