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Waterfront Festival

Snap Notts: Bromley House Library

15 August 20 words: Ravelle-Sadé Fairman
photos: Richard Chung

This month's poet and photographer explore Bromley House Library...

Would you believe me if I told you
That amongst the
Hustle and bustle of buses
And the clickety clack of trams on tracks
Amidst hungry commuters
Seeking out speedy snacks -
Somewhere in the vicinity of the
Nottingham Council House clock chimes
Lives a little dime?
Standing quiet as a mouse
Is the majestic Bromley House

With a simple initiation code
You can even bring a spouse!

A facilitator of great knowledge
This building alone has a story to tell
Accentuated greatly
By its spiralling stairwell
Filled with little alcoves
So tranquil that you can get lost in
One of the thousands of books

Although this hidden gem
May sometimes be overlooked
The authenticity of its character
Is something to be cheered
Because as soon as you walk in
It whispers…
“Your thoughts are welcome here”.

A Poetic Perception

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