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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

22 December 20

The latest Nottinghamshire releases... 

Practical Lovers
Post-Mortem (EP)
I’m Not From London

It was half a decade ago we last heard from Practical Lovers. They sounded melancholy back then, but in the years since we’ve had Brexit, Boris, Trump and Coronavirus. Hello darkness, my old friend. This three-track EP is actually remastered offcuts from their 2015 LP Agony, all of which deserve revisiting. Last Chance To Forget features action-packed eighties synths and vocalist Jack Wiles in sinister mode. Changing Seasons sounds halfway between a fifties blues and a computer crashing. The Lie features Wiles in a more upbeat mode harmonising to a piano. For fans of Future Islands and eighties revival generally. Jared Wilson

Look On Your Face (Single)

Criminally underrated musical centre of gravity, Asa, trades his guitar for 303s and drum machines, stirring up a pot of acid as caustic as hydrochloric and as trippy as lysergic. You might clock Asa’s robotised voice cutting through the mix, as well as samples of hip-hop royalty, Del the Funkee Homosapien, for probably his first ever feature on a bangin’ jack track. As always, ever-creative, experimental music for anyone with an open mind. Dope ideas. Nick Strang

Gambino Akuboy
Hold It (Single)

Gambian-born Gambino Akuboy has taken on many roles in his life including actor, member of the British Army and now, songwriter based in Nottingham. Following previous local appearances such as Nottingham Global Roots festival, he’s back with his latest single. Hold It is an Afrobeats/Afropop/electronica fusion that promises to get you moving. Percussion and bass dominate this track, produced by Ghanian artist Kasapa. Not even lockdown will stop you from dancing to the energetic creations. Hold It will make you let go. Bassey

Still On It (EP)

Previously recording pop as Jodie Deanne, J.Influence sees the Midlands-based artist truly step up into her soulful sound of recent years. Collaborating with producers including 30 Hertz Beats and Aston McCreight, the nostalgic RnB melodies of Hasty and Here’s Mine showcase her iconic vocal style and dynamic range, switching from strong truth-telling lyrics to celestial harmonies in an instant. The title track made with Nottingham’s own TONYSPARK finishes things up with a lesson in neo-soul funk, offering the perfect ending to a strong body of work. Eileen Pegg

Local Healers and Louis Cypher
Paintings on the Wall (EP)
I'm Not From Brooklyn

The third release from Local Healers sees Nay Loco and Ty Healy team up with Louis Cypher and producer Faux Sala in a united front to support the arts sector – specifically the localised scenes. The full EP comes out in January, but first single Renaissance offers a taste of what’s to come in December; a multi-layered, warm, melodic EP, using jazz instrumentals that hark back to the creatives the work aims to big up, with clear-crafted lyrical flows to make their point clearly. Eileen Pegg

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