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SELECT.SOUNDS: The Notts-Based Collective Level Up with a Site Upgrade

2 December 20 words: Alanah Kholsa

Two best mates turned business partners hit the ground running in 2019 with the formation of record shop and events series, SELECT.SOUNDS. Now, after pressing pause during lockdown they’re back with a new site and a heavy content focus. Alanah Khosla gives us an update on the creative platform that’s growing a steady following in the city.

With their intimate but very much sold-out raves at the Irish centre, to pop up record sales outside Mimm, SELECT.SOUNDS has been a generous backer of the Notts creative scene right from the get-go.

As a self-proclaimed community platform, their sole aim is to fill the creative cracks in their hometown. We had a (Covid-19 friendly) catch up with Elliot and Rohan, the boys behind the collective, to see exactly what the growth of their brand means for us. 

They kicked it off by sharing their motivations behind the collective and what the site involves. 

 “We looked at the Notts scene and agreed that there was something missing, because our crate- digging experience in our hometown didn’t feel complete. With that in mind, the initial inspiration came from two young collectors of music agreeing that improvements could be made in the creative sector of a city we both care about”. 

 You could say their generosity to the Notts scene makes this a charitable affair, building a foundation for like minded creatives to show support for one another. They went on to explain the digital dynamics of the site, offering a safe space for Notts talent with contributions most welcome. 

“It’s a place where Nottingham individuals can express their opinion, provide reviews or display their creative work and abilities.” 

The site covers three sections: WORDS, providing all the music-based articles and interviews, SOUNDS, supplying guest mixes from “Notts’ most hardcore enthusiasts”. And, PROJECTS home to the collaborations, with the most recent Pete Phipps X SELECT.SOUNDS t-shirt release selling out in under six hours. Impressive. 

SELECT.SOUNDS is expanding the creative network by aiding the evolution of how we search for new content, bringing the best of the city in one place. The constant look out for fresh content alongside local artists means the possibilities are endless. 

“In a decade’s time, SELECT.SOUNDS will be cemented as one of Nottingham’s most reliable outlets of young creators’ work, with an ever-growing community of followers and supporters. The name will be synonymous with our hometown’s creative growth, and we will have successfully done what we initially set out to do by providing our city with a consistent source of diverse vinyl music.”

While Covid-19 might have stalled the record sales and party aspects of the brand, fans can rest assured it’s not the end. “If Covid-19 would get a move on and say goodbye, we’d happily put a rave on tomorrow”. In the meantime, the platform’s new Monthly Mix feature delivers the tunes directly to dancers’ front rooms, with a steady stream of fresh content delivering their long-term vision.

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