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The Comedy of Errors

Broadmarsh Vision Released by Wildlife Trust

4 December 20 words: Paul Wilkinson

As the public consultation on the Broadmarsh site heats up, Paul Wilkinson, the Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, reveals their vision for the city centre space...

Dear LeftLion Readers

I’m sure you’ll agree that whilst Nottingham has greenspaces to be proud of, not least the magnificent Wollaton Park, the heart of our city is unmistakably grey not green. As new developments have replaced old, fragments of remaining greenspace have disappeared and opportunities to recreate vital new green areas have been lost. We believe that now is the time to put nature back.

As a locally based charity which has championed urban wildlife for over 30 years we believe that the redevelopment of the Broadmarsh site is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reshape the fabric of our city. A Broadmarsh re-imagined as 100% natural greenspace would improve the health of city residents and demonstrate the city’s commitment to tackling the climate and ecological crises as we enter a decade which must deliver transformational change.

Over the summer there have been many calls for greenspace to be at the heart of the redevelopment. We would like to see the city take things a stage further, to lift their sites and open up to the potential for a truly radical nature first approach. Over the past few weeks we have been shaping our vision for the site, with 100% of the demolished shopping centre transformed into a natural urban oasis. It could be become Nottingham’s living breathing heartbeat – a mini Central Park where people can connect with nature and escape the stresses of city life without leaving the city. With wildflower meadows, woodland, wetland and stunning views towards the iconic Nottingham Castle, a reimagined Broadmarsh would benefit everyone living, working and studying in our city. It would become a unique space in which in which to gather, relax and recharge and a place to connect with nature, hear birdsong and smell wild flowers.

For more than a decade Nottingham has demonstrated ambition in its commitment to becoming the UK’s first carbon neutral city but green cities around the world such as Copenhagen, Freiburg, and Portland that share Nottingham’s ambitions to cut carbon emissions have set themselves apart by putting nature and accessible greenspace at the heart of urban planning to create vibrant, liveable cities.

We believe that Nottingham could lead the way by shaping a bold vision that would set the city on a course to a greener economic recovery, boost tourism and stimulate inward investment. Nottingham can set its self on a different course as cities everywhere seek to rebuild their economies from the impacts of the pandemic.

As we work to secure 30% of the UK’s land for nature by 2030 we believe that a green transformation of the Broadmarsh could also be a catalyst for further investment in existing greenspaces and a springboard to reconnecting our fine city to the Sherwood Forest landscape. Such a vision would bring people together and put the city’s nature into recovery at a time when natural greenspace has never been more valued or needed.

We will be presenting our vision to Nottingham City Council as part of the ‘Big Conversation’ and would welcome your views and support. Full details of our vision can be found on our website

Thank you

Paul Wilkinson
Chief Executive

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