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The Festival of Science and Curiosity is Back for 2020 with a Live Heart Dissection and Much More

9 February 20 words: Eve Smallman
illustrations: Ali Taylor-Perry

The term science might throw up images of luminous test tubes and crazy-haired Einsteins, but that’s a microscopic portion of it all. To get you in the know, Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity is back, bringing a whole galaxy of knowledge and excitement into streets, universities, community centres and more. We chatted with producer Megan Shore about what’ll be occurring this year and why you should go along..


Whizz-bopping and think-tanking is in our city’s DNA – we’ll spare you the Boots and ibuprofen-filled speech – and we have two universities and a host of other companies ticking their way through the latest innovative research. It therefore makes perfect sense that we’re home to a week long festival about science. It’s jam-packed with workshops, pop-events and loads more – but it wasn’t always such a big bonanza. Producer Megan says: “The festival developed from a pop-up shop in Broadmarsh. It went down really well, and we reached lots of new people who might not have thought science was for them.” The bewildered interest from the gathering crowds sparked the idea of starting a science-themed festival that ran all over the city, with a plethora of organisations working together to make it happen. 

Taking place from Wednesday 12 - Wednesday 19 February, the later events lap over half term, which is handy for anyone still struggling with a Christmas hangover or is a bit strapped for cash. “It’s great for people who want to get out and don't want to stay in the house.” says Megan. “That's why we do things in community library spaces, or in the city centre. It's all very easy access, and you don't need to be into science to take your kids along.” 

Of course, curiosity is a key element here. “It's not just for people looking to become engineers – it's about teaching people in Nottingham to be curious and ask questions,” she says, “That can lead to lots of different things, whether that's going into the science field or doing something else entirely.” 

It’s not just got shenanigans for the kiddiwinks, either – they’ve got something that will interest everyone. Fancy watching a live heart dissection on Valentine’s Day? Who wouldn't? “I feel like there's going to be a lot of couples that are very anti-Valentine’s there!” Megan laughs. They’ll also be popping up activities at the Victoria Centre, Sneinton Market, Lakeside Arts and various other venues.  

It’s clear they’ve gone above and beyond to find something to please everyone. Megan rounds off by saying: “A lot of the time, people think that science is not something that they're interested in. But come along and give it a try  – I think you'll be surprised at how engaging the events are.”

The Festival of Science and Curiosity is on across Nottinghamshire from Wednesday 12 February to Wednesday 19 February.

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