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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This February

5 February 20

The latest sounds from the Nottingham vault...

Seas of Mirth (Album)
Sub Marine Dreams
First breaking onto the scene with manic pirate shanties, this latest work sees the band evolving to more diverse instrumentals yet remaining loyal towards all things nautical. The perfect antidote to the depressing news or overindulgent chart music, this album is packed with ten brilliantly-performed skits, each nodding to an underwater theme. Ranging from the hyperactive Ink (do the blollop) to the hazy and harmonious prog-rock banger, Jellyfish Metropolis, it’s only if you tune into the lyrics that you realise the subtle and beautiful ridiculousness of it all. They’ve matured, but they haven’t lost their sense of humour. Eileen Pegg

Alice Robbins 
GDFS (Single)
If there’s one thing that will see us through to spring, it’s Alice Robbins’ new single GDFS. Occupying a paradisal place between sleepy indie and progressive folk, Alice had a cracking 2019, playing enchanting shows and releasing EP Lavender Honey. GDFS suggests there’s plenty more where that came from; wistful vocals fraternise with guitar-meets-organelle consonance against a backdrop of candescent drumming. With a sound that’s delicate yet ballsy, we can’t wait to watch her soar in 2020. Becky Timmins 

Cult of Dom Keller
Ascend! (Album)
It’s been four years since the psychedelic five-piece’s last release, but Ascend! was definitely worth the wait. The sixth album from the band features their usual brand of abrasive guitars paired with plenty of distortion, indistinguishable vocals and thunderous cymbals resonating to create a dynamically sonorous nine-track record. Dense layers of sonic alchemy build the fuzz-fuelled sound throughout to create a brazen, tripped-out soundscape that takes you on a sonic journey to a surreal, post-apocalyptic dimension from start to finish. Laura Phillips

12 Long Years (Single)
Established in 2017, Hurtsfall are a relatively new outfit but this doesn’t detract from how refined they sound. Here, Sam’s vocals really are an instrument in their own right, rather a layer atop the band which has a bassline from guitarist Mike that’ll send listeners on a mad Joy Division nostalgia trip (Hookey would be proud). The synths mirror cold, mellow melodies from an era that’s often associated with greed, is this a warning? Only time will tell…  Joe Robinson

Daisy Godfrey
Many Shades (Single) 
Daisy Godfrey; a name which if you’re not familiar with, you need to get to know. Many Shades marks this ultra-cool Nottingham lass’ hotly anticipated second single and boy was it worth the wait. Featuring Daisy’s signature soulful vocals, bags of attitude and stunning gospel-inspired harmonies, it’s neo soul at its finest. If you’re after something fresh and funky with subtle nods to the very best nineties R&B, this could just be your new favourite tune. Addie Kenogbon

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