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Live Music Review: Oh Wonder at Metronome

15 February 20 words: Rachael Halaburda

Alt-pop duo and couple Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht, AKA Oh Wonder, gave a performance at Nottingham’s Metronome this week that can only be described as magical.... 

Before Oh Wonder come on stage, anticipation fills the air - you know people are really excited when they scream at the tech guy walking across the stage. As the lights go down, so does the chatter of voices, all eyes drawn to the stage. To have such an incredible set of people performing in such an intimate venue is in itself powerful.

Oh Wonder’s tour is to celebrate the launch of their new album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown. They perform a range of their songs new and old, and considering the new album has been out barely a week, it’s clear fans have been listening night and day - they are singing along to every word.

Hallelujah is performed particularly beautifully, Josephine splitting the crowd down the middle and turning a group of normal people into a pretty fancy choir of ‘Halle-Halle’s’ and ‘Lujah’s’. The audience interaction at the gig is great, clearly bringing people together, and it really feels like you are seeing the real, unfiltered Oh Wonder. 

A particular favourite from the night is their performance of All We Do - a song that holds a lot of meaning. It looks into humanity; pure and simple feelings that affect each and every one of us. All voices lift for this one and undoubtedly a few tears are shed.

Overall, Oh Wonder completely own the stage tonight, the audience utterly captivated by this duo’s talent. 

Oh Wonder played Metronome on Wednesday 12 February 2020.

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