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The Black Veil

Inside Nottingham's LARPing Community: A Day with Fools and Heroes

12 February 20 photos: Fabrice Gagos

Gaming isn’t just about smashing controllers and passing Go for £200, you know. In the UK alone, thousands of people regularly meet up to get involved in live action role-play. We decided to head along to the Nottingham branch of Fools and Heroes, a UK-based LARP society, to get a peek into the world of high fantasy, magic, monsters and mystery…

For the uninitiated, live action role-play (or LARP), is a form of role-playing where participants create and physically portray characters in a real-world setting that often includes adventures, narratives, banquets and combat with like minded LARPers in a safe, inclusive setting. While it might not receive much media attention, LARP serves as a huge source of immersive entertainment for thousands of people who find that video games, books and films don’t quite scratch that fantasy itch. The good folk at the Nottingham branch of Fools and Heroes – a nationwide LARP society with 21 branches that run events every weekend – were kind enough to allow us to visit their recent event near Newstead Village. We’re not going to lie; it looked like an absolute blast…

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