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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

24 February 20 words: Jack Saffery

Because life is all about that five 'til nine... 


When? Monday 24 February, 8:30pm 
Where? Savoy Cinema 
What? How many of you 80s kids remember the supernatural comedy Beetlejuice? You can now relive your childhood nostalgia in a one-night screening at the Savoy Cinema. Beetlejuice, if you didn’t know, is about ghosts Adam and Barbara attempting to scare the family that bought their old house and a ‘Bio-exorcist’ who makes the living and the dead’s lives a drag. Moviegoers of all ages can dive into the wacky world of Tim Burton and experience fantastic effects and a great story which is fun for the whole family. 
How much? £5 - £6.50 
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Walking Group for People Living with Dementia

When? Tuesday 25 February, 12pm 
Where? Wollaton Park
What? A group challenge that you can be part of takes place in Wollaton Park tomorrow which is to help people with dementia. This charity event is a good opportunity for patients, caregivers and family members to enjoy fresh air, the lake view and healthy exercise, all while helping to raise awareness. Not only that, but afterward you can have a sit down with a nice cuppa and chat to other people involved. If your life is affected by this illness, this is a wonderful way to meet other people and share your experiences.
How much? Free, but you’ll have to buy yourself a cup of tea
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Exercise and Massage

When? Wednesday 26 February, 6pm 
Where? Nottingham Women’s Centre
What? If you have some free time and have some pent up stress then why not try this class? You’ll take part in an exercise circuit, then relax with some spa-like treatment afterwards. You can come as a one-off session or begin to go weekly. It’s all pretty relaxed, and no pressure at all. Just wear comfortable clothing and maybe bring a towel if you feel like you might break a sweat. You never know, eh?  
How much? Free 
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The £1 Comedy Night

When? Wednesday 26 February, 8pm 
Where? Canalhouse 
What? This is a proper standup show with a mixture of different acts trying out new material in order for your entertainment. You get to see a variety of different comedians, whilst sipping on a pint, all for a good price. What else do you want on a midday evening? It’s also a great way to spend with friends and, if you’re feeling gutsy enough, you can even sign up on their website to be a comedian.
How much? £1
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Virtual Reality: A New Reality?

When? Thursday 27 February, 6:30pm 
Where? New Art Exchange 
What? Artwork in VR, Artwork in VR! You’re placing yourself right in the centre of this new piece! Artist Shezad Dawood uses 80s video game arcade aesthetics in order to portray the USA’s cultural influence over 1960s Pakistan. This piece seems to show important themes displayed through complex yet straightforward visuals, which means you are really able to view a deeper meaning. However, if you’re still not convinced by that then, again, it’s artwork in VR! Who wouldn’t want to be inside a video game viewing this amazing looking?
How much? Free
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