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We Survived a VR Zombie Attack at Zero Latency and Had a Blast

18 February 20 words: Emily Thursfield
photos: Natalie Owen

We don’t need to bore you with information about how virtual reality has exploded over the past few years. First developed to help people believe they were really part of a Hollywood movie, the technology has now expanded across many domains – from architects designing a new town hall to transporting you back in time in a museum. But one of the biggest advantages to VR is its ability to transport you into the scary-realistic world of games...

Zero Latency operates their arcades in 22 countries, with the only locations in the UK being Notts and London. In other words, we’re dead lucky to have one of the leading VR Gaming experiences hiding at the top of the intu Vic Centre. With five games already on the rosta and two in development, there’s something for everyone (as long as you’re over 13.) We headed up on a cold February afternoon to play Outbreak Origin, a shooter adventure featuring a hoard of “ultra-realistic zombies.” I was bricking it. 

After our arrival, we were asked to give ourselves game aliases before being kitted up – on went a backpack, headphones with a mic, and a controller, aptly shaped like a gun – and ferried into a plain black room for the game to begin. Once that headset was over our eyes, we were instantly transported into the game’s relm. Our mission was to work together to eradicate the outbreak of zombies that had taken over our town. Through our headsets, we were able to talk to our teammates so we could collaborate on our mission – call in reinforcements when our safety was compromised, plot team strategy and to calm each other down when there was a bit too much screaming (no names mentioned). 

I can honestly say that Zero Latency is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The technology makes the game incredibly immersive, to the point where I was trying to climb up fake stairs and hoist myself up into a floating helicopter. And don’t even get me started on the zombies – I’d like to take this time to apologise to my team for all the eardrums I burst with my shrieks. Once the thirty minutes was up and the glasses were lifted, I was surprised to find myself back in the plain black room we started in, not in the middle of a zombie shootout, and we spent the rest of the day comparing our scores – turns out that I’ve got quite the hand for headshots. 

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Zero Latency website

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