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City Stylin': Tim and Jade

8 January 20 interview: Georgianna Scurfield
photos: Georgianna Scurfield

Every month, we take to the streets to find out a little more about your lots' lives and styles...

Tim: With my band, Merricks Tusk, I’ve been around Europe, Scotland and England. The places we play in Nottingham are Bodega, Rescue Rooms, Chameleon or JT Soar. Put a big heart next to JT Soar. We’ve been doing it for six years and we’ve got to know people really well. It's a big happy family, and makes you feel at home in the city. I’m an occupational therapist by day, and for my dissertation I interviewed loads of musicians from Nottingham. The most interesting thing I found was if you play in a band or support a music scene, you get an increasing sense of belonging. You meet a group of people that are similar-minded and you feel like you’re part of a society, which is really good for your mental health. 

Jade: I'm not anything to do with the music industry, I just like music, and Nottingham has a really good scene. Since I met Tim, my favourite venue has become JT Soar, but I never knew about it before. We were set up – one of my best friends was marrying his guitarist, and they thought, ‘They’d be alright together.’ We got drunk, hit it off and the rest is history. When we first met, Tim told me he loves all music except for grime, and I was like 'Oh... I'm going to a grime festival this weekend." He then admitted he was only joking because he thought I would hate grime. That was in the summer, so about six months ago. We go to gigs together a couple of times a month.

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