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Food Review: Burra Khana

24 January 20 words: Eve Smallman

We got along to Burra Khana to check out the food...

On a cold winter’s evening, there’s nothing like a bowl of curry to toast up your cockles. Most of you foodies have likely been up Maid Marian Way’s wonderful line of restaurants more than a few times, but the opening of Burra Khana on Victoria Street has helped fill the poppadom-sized gap that previously existed in the city centre. We went for an array of dishes from across the menu, with our server advising us on the choices that went well together, and making sure we didn’t order too much or too little. Thanks to this, we were left on the right side of satisfied by the time we munched it all down. 

Before we tucked into the bigger dishes, we tore into the cheese and onion bhajis (£4.50). They were a hunkin’ size, and the maturity of the cheese added a depth to the classic that’s never usually experimented with. The paneer saag (£6.50) was rich with a slight creaminess, and was paired perfectly with the sweet touch of crunchy pine nut and pilau rice (£4). 

One of the more street foodie dishes, aloo tikki (£5.50), was full of flavour, but the crunchy cracker spicy topping that went alongside was the serious, serious business. Smack that onto anything and you’re onto something special. After we’d polished off the bowls, we decided a palate-cleansing dessert was the right way to top off the meal. We went for mango and pistachio flavored lassis (£3.50 each) – a thick yoghurt drink that gave us our sugar fix without us feeling sluggish afterwards. 

In fact, overall we were left extremely satisfied, and were able to hit the shops without rolling down the high street. Whether you pop in for lunch or want a full-on dinner, Burra Khana promises to deliver all the flavours. Eve Smallman

Victoria Street, NG1 2EX

Burra Khana website


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