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Art Review: International Postcard Show 2020

16 January 20 words: Adrian Shaw

Ah, postcards. Proper nostalgia stuff that. 

Once again Surface plays host to The International Postcard Show, an unmissable and popular annual event, which draws a wide variety of entries – this year there were over 380 – from so many talents.

The works are well arranged and accessible around the walls of the downstairs gallery. With so many entries, it’s good that three weeks are allotted to examine and enjoy what is an absolutely huge variety of styles, topics, and range of talents on-show. Visitors are also invited to select their most appreciated entry and a small cardboard post-box is at the front desk for you to vote.

As a regular participator and attendee of the show, I was extremely struck – this year especially – by so many utterly original works, especially given that they are all post-card sized (or nearly so).

The works are – where indicated in the Exhibition-list – often for sale, and it is money well spent in an utterly enjoyable, entertaining, often topical, and informative way. For example, Boris and Trump inevitably appear. From the cinematic world, I noticed (having seen JoJo Rabbit currently on at The Broadway) a card celebrating this great film in a suitably ironic way.

All forms of life’s experience are open for exploration and portrayal, and you’re guaranteed to appreciate the imaginative endeavors of the artists.  And as a participator, you will be challenged and encouraged to see what is possible for next year’s show...

The International Postcard Show is exhibiting at Surface Gallery from Saturday 11 January until Saturday 1 February.

Surface Gallery website

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