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The Black Veil

Review: Mimm & Onpoint Presents Maribou State

14 January 20 words: Rachael Halaburda
photos: Sam Kirby

Rachael Halaburda looks back on the major sell out event that set tongues wagging in the city...

Tucked away down a dark alley in Sneinton lies The Brickworks, an alternative club that’s been one of Nottingham’s best (or worst) kept secrets since it opened in 2013. Regularly acting as a base for parties including Detonate, Shut The Front Door and Wigflex, this winter Mimm & Onpoint Events joined them. The two kindred stalwart promoters came together to put on a night of DJs and dancing at the venue, proudly inviting Maribou State, this time for a DJ set, with support from a string of local crews.

Since its announcement the night was set for greatness, with the hefty 10pm - 5am supporting lineup spanning Tusk (of label, Tusk Wax), Mimm’s own Epworth, Quake. and Peach Fuzz residents, with a closing set from Esqueezy. At a time when Nottingham’s electronic scene is receiving recognition, this representation of some of the artists responsible for that made it a timely and talked about night. Not to mention the fact that Maribou State’s previous visit to The Brickworks had been six years ago, and the city was excitedly awaiting their return.

After finding our way to the warehouse, identified by the bustling queues rather than any obvious signage outside, when heading down the steps into The Brickworks it was already packed, bodies moving to the same pulsing beats and rhythmic sounds. Anyone who has been to the venue before will tell tales about its visual displays and this night didn’t disappoint; light beams dancing about the room, creating hypnotic patterns and intensifying the experience.

As the night went on more and more people filled the dance floor, some in the zone dancing alone and others in groups all on a level together; either way, everyone was feeling it. It was Chris from the Maribou State duo who took to the stage, creating the perfect dancefloor sound - beautifully organic yet also with enough simplicity to inspire a powerfully connected crowd of dancers and listeners.

Overall this led to an excellent night to round off another clubbing season in the city, due to the ‘no frills’ attitude and individuality of the venue alongside a quality line up of incredible DJs and of course, a top crowd of music lovers that Notts should be proud of.

Mimm & Onpoint presents Maribou State DJ set took place at The Brickworks on 29 November.

Mimm website.
Onpoint website.

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