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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

12 January 20 words: LeftLion

Because life is all about that five 'til nine... 

Pub Quiz

When? Monday 13 January, 8:30pm 
Where? Malt Cross
What? It is what it says on the tin. If your group of mates think you’d rock the socks off on Eggheads, test your brainy powers at this pub quiz. The Malt Cross have a fine collection of munchies and drinkies, so you can have a tasty time while putting your thinking caps to good use. It’s £1 entry per person so you ain’t got nowt to lose… apart from your dignity if you answer the question ‘The 2019 book entitled No-one is Too Small To Make A Difference is a collection of speeches made by a Swedish climate change activist. What’s her name?’ as ‘Sharon.’ See ya there folks.
How much? £2 - £4
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An Evening with Katherine Parkinson

When? Tuesday 14 January, 7pm 
Where? Nottingham Playhouse
What? It’s parky outside, which means it’s perfect weather to snuggle up in the theatre and watch summat at the theatre. The BAFTA-award winning actress will be chatting to the Playhouse’s Artistic Director Adam Penford about her marvelous career. Learn all about behind-the-scenes goss from Sherlock and The IT Crowd, why she didn’t go for the Hollywood hood life, and of course answering the age-old question are women funnier than men. She’s been in loads of rad stuff and knows a thing or two about the industry, so whether you’re a fan or an upcoming actor yerself, it’s worth going along and hearing her speak. There will be an opportunity to ask questions as well, so your inner fangirl can be satisfied. 
How much? £15 - £19.50
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Introductory Talk: Heading for Extinction

When? Tuesday 14 January, 7:30pm 
Where? All Hallows Hall
What? Yes, we all know it's the end of the world as we know it. But if you’re like us and you don’t feel too fine about it, this talk will give you the facts you need to clue yerself up about the climate crisis. Members of Extinction Rebellion will be sharing the latest stats on the issue and help offer solutions for tackling it. If you’ve wanted to shout about it all but ain’t too sure where to start or how to get folks to listen, this will give you all the tools and tricks you need. Next time you’re at Sunday dinner and your nana says she doesn’t believe in climate change, you’ll be able to hit her with the facts. 
How much? Free
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The Grand Budapest Hotel

When? Wednesday 15 January, 6pm 
Where? Nonsuch Studios
What? Sometimes you fancy watching a film, but you don’t want to be curled up in yer room on Netflix nor do you want to fork out 70 odd quid for popcorn and nibbles at the cinema. Enter this fantastic film night at Nonsuch Studios. Before the showing you can nab yerself some casual Hungarian food, then after you can sit back and relax the film with a full tum. Nonsuch is a lovely venue as well, who deserve yer support well and truly. Pop down after work and have a relaxing evening. 
How much? £7 - £16
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Light Night Lantern Making

When? Thursday 16 January, 6pm 
Where? City Arts
What? Remember that scene in Tangled where the lanterns are floating in the sky and lookin’ all beautiful? Well, at this session you can make you own paper lantern. With the help of Nottingham artist Jess Kemp, you’ll learn how to make it, and you can design it to be anything you want - an star, a blob, or even animal-shaped (maybe even… lion shaped?). They will fill the sky on Light Night at the Lantern Parade, along with giant ones from Jess and Bryony McCombie-Smith, plus all the jazzy beats from the Can Samba drummers. Get your creative cogs whirrin’ and head on down.
How much? £2 - £4
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