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7 Music Communities for Women and Non-binary People in Notts

11 January 20 words: Becky Timmins and Eileen Pegg

Back in ‘66, James Brown might have crooned that “this is a man’s world”, but these days we know that’s nowhere near the truth. When it comes to music there’s no doubt there’s a thirst for inclusive, safe spaces for those who don’t identify as a fella, and Notts absolutely has plenty to add to that conversation. 

We’ve rounded up a snapshot of some of the best community groups for music-loving females or non-binary folk who’d love to get involved.

Address the gender imbalance head-on with Women in Music

From panel discussions and performances to charity pop-ups, Women in Music is an initiative established in the light of the rife gender imbalance prevalent across multiple facets of the music industry. A lack of open discussion led to the birth of this awesome platform earlier last year, and they’re all about encouraging positive action, while raising cash for Notts women’s charities. Speakers and performers so far have included the likes of local legends Nina Smith, Georgie and Babe Punch. We’ve got a hunch 2020 will see even more gold from this lot. 

Make friends at Fan Club

Supporting women and non-binary creatives since 2015, Fan Club puts on genre-clashing events with an inclusive attitude – read and understand its Safer Spaces policy or you’re not coming in, chuck. Though its core focus is on tunes and dancing late into the night, they also create and sell a series of zines and have been known to hold festivals themed around social equality and more. Frequenting haunts such as Rough Trade, JT Soar and Metronome, this is a busy group that is doing a lot of good for our city, and they want you to be part of it, too. 

Bang out a tune with Belters Choir

Ever been to Peggy’s Skylight? Co-owner Rachel Foster has another musical project up her sleeve and it’s just as rich and diverse as her jazz bar in town. All-female acapella group Belters Choir started out life in 2007, due to a few ladies’ love of singing in harmony to songs that go beyond your average pop tune. These days you can see them performing heartwarming renditions of soul, modern gospel, folk and more in new and unusual places with mind-bending acoustics, including their well-loved summer gig in the Park Tunnel. We’re sure their arms are open to new members; we’d recommend popping along to one of their gigs first to see the choir in action.

Support Sisters of Sound

The brainchild of Sue Starbuck and Sonia Hawkes (AKA Stiff Kittens), the Sisters of Sounds are a vinyl-only DJ collective that bring the heat to bars and clubs in our city with regular slots at The Angel and The Bodega. Playing everything from funk to punk, be sure to follow their page, watch out for their gigs, and support them with your wildest grooves.

Learn how to mix with KT at FourFour

FourFour DJ Academy has recently welcomed KTGeorge to its team of tutors. While this isn’t a fully female group, her addition is great news for anyone who might have been feeling apprehensive about approaching the academy and learning a new skill, bolstering its welcoming attitude. 

Stay out late with Honeydips

Dancing is good for the soul, and even more so with the Honeydips crew. Every month this 100% female-run club night takes over Bar Eleven for an evening of nineties and noughties R&B jams that ‘give you that gooey feeling all over.’ Grab yer huns, hun, and get on down. 

Keep up to date with Women Got Talent

Whether you want to get involved with music or not, with a hefty schedule of workshops we’d recommend checking out this group regardless. Formed with the aim of empowering women to embrace their creative side and boosting their wellbeing to boot, you can either head to one of their events or book the team to host a community workshop of your choice. Alongside gigs and poetry nights, they put on sessions that range from comedy to mosaic making – crafty gals, this one’s for you.

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