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Auction to Help Secure Creswell Crags' Post-Lockdown Future

3 July 20

After securing a £250,000 emergency-funding grant, the efforts to ensure the post-lockdown future of Creswell Crags continues with an auction hosted by Bargain Hunt's Charles Hanson

You can help secure the financial future of Creswell Crags by bidding on an eclectic array of items in a charity auction hosted by Bargain Hunt's Charlie Hanson. Taking place on Friday 3 July, the event created by Hanson in a bid to help the popular tourist location survive the devastating financial impact of COVID-19. 

Items available to buy include a weekend at the Welbeck Estate, signed books from Professor Alice Roberts, metal detecting experiences and some unique wooly mammoth art. You can see the full list of items here

The auction is the latest boost to securing the financial future of Creswell, following on from their securing a £250,000 emergency funding grant from The National Lottery Heritage fund last week. Having been forced to close on March 17, there was enormous uncertainty whether the historical site would ever open to the public again.

Sitting on the border between Notts and Derby, the magnesian limestone gorge has proved popular with visitors drawn to the appeal of learning more about life during the Ice Age period of history 10,000 years older than the pyramids. 

You can watch and participate in the auction during a live broadcast on Hanson's website on Friday 3 July at 6.30pm

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