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The Black Veil

Penny Lane's Take a Pitcher It Will Last Longer Sangria Recipe

23 July 20 words: David Langley
photos: Penny Lane

We may not be able to hog the 2p machines at Penny Lane on Fletcher Gate right now, but luckily you can mix up your own pitcher of their Sangria at home. It’s perfect for afternoon drinking in the sunshine, and – if you close your eyes really hard – you can try and imagine being on a Spanish beach instead of being in your back garden…


15ml strawberry liquor (they recommend Lejay Lagoute Fraise)
10ml sugar syrup
15ml cherry brandy (they recommend Giffard)
80ml red wine


  1. Put all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and – you guessed it – shake.
  2. Pour everything into a mini jug filled with more ice and orange wedges.
  3. Top with sprigs of mint and party accessories (after all, is it a summery drink if it hasn't got jazzy umbrellas?).

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