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Notts Music and Merch You Can Buy Today to Support Anti-Racism Causes

5 June 20

Bandcamp waives its fees one day every month to help support artists in lockdown. We’ve put together a list of artists who are choosing to donate money raised today to local and global funds and charities that help to fight racial injustice. 

Music streaming and purchasing platform Bandcamp made the decision to waive its fees on the first Friday of every month in a bid to help artists during lockdown.This month, following the growing movement to fight against racial injustice and inequality, many are using that opportunity to raise funds for related initiatives and charities instead.

Today is June’s ‘bandcamp day’. Below is a list of local Nottingham labels, artists and crews who you can buy music and merch from in order to directly support their chosen charities and funds.

A global, growing list of 1,000+ black artists, black-owned labels and more to support has also been compiled here. 

Aja - Lend You a Lung EP
Aja announced that all income generated on Bandcamp from her Lend You a Lung EP will be donated to Black Lives Matter for the rest of 2020.

Buy it.

Alright the Captain - All Music 
Alright the Captain will be donating all proceeds today to Black Lives Matter

Buy it. 

Charity Stow - Fool single release 
Charity Stow will be donating bandcamp proceeds of her new single ‘Fool’, out today, to Himmah, a Notts-based grassroots initiative providing services to tackle poverty, racism and social exclusion.

Buy it.

Congi and Mystic State - Closer EP
Congi’s latest collab was released today, announcing that all proceeds will go towards the  Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Buy it.

Heurt - Parade Album

Heurt’s latest full-length album was released this June, and all proceeds raised via Bandcamp will be redistributed to Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Buy it.

Lone - Greenhills Road Archive Traks Volume Two
A compilation of material from 2002-2006 was released exclusively on Bandcamp today, with proceeds going towards various bail funds in the U.S

Buy it.

Pond Life -  Black Lives Matter EP 
A compilation of tracks from artists across the UK, with all proceeds going to the Black Lives Matter fund, and St Anns’ Community Recording Studio.

Buy it.

Rattle - T-shirt Sales
Band T-shirts designed by Martha Glazzard, who also designed the album covers for Rattle and Sequence and their first ever 7”, are on sale today with all proceeds going to Stop Hate UK. 

Buy it.

Slumb Party - All Music
All earnings from Bandcamp sales will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

Buy it.

Tumble Audio - All Music
Profits raised from all releases sold today and in the month of June will be donated to Black Lives Matter and Reclaim The Block.

Buy it.

WorldWide Wob - The Compilation Vol 1

12 standout tracks, released via a new, local label that brings together Nottingham and global talent. A percentage of the proceeds raised will be distributed to various #BLM charities. 

Buy it.

Audiobahn - Buy Music Club
Local promoters Audiobahn regularly produce a list of recommendations of music to buy and artists to support. This month they’ve curated it with BAME and LGBTQ+ artists and releases that are raising money for BLM and associated causes in mind.

View it.

Beyond Bandcamp Day...
Even after today, many more local artists and labels are using their platforms to raise money.

George Gretton - Slipstream
All proceeds from the streaming of George Gretton’s new single will be donated towards Black Minds Matter.

Stream it.

Krudd - Unity tee
All proceeds from the latest T-shirt drop from Krudd will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

Buy it.

This is a live, working document - if you or someone you know in Nottingham is using their music to raise money for similar initiatives, please get in touch at [email protected] and we will add them to this list of resources.

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