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Overheard in... Our Comments Section

1 June 20 words: Big Baby

Town has been a bit quiet as of late, so we’ve had a peek at all of the goofy, weird and wonderful comments you lot leave on our social media pages and picked out some of our highlights…

“He taught my Dad morse code, apparently”

“Where has space jazz been all my life?”

“Never again will there be a shop like this again”

“Bras. Who needs ‘em?”

“Get your Overheard in Notts featured on the main page #lifegoalcompleted”

“Is that a framed picture of Arthur the Cat?”

“Not bad for bathroom music”

“Can you play some ABBA for my mate?”

“With a little bit of rum we can make it through the night”

“You mean the media normally doesn’t lean one way or the other? Is this your first day on the internet by any chance?”

“I used to babysit you”

‘What is the platonic ideal of a fanfiction ship?”

“Nothing worse than watching anyone do sex”

“Wetherspoons have done John Arderne the great honour of naming their Newark pub after him. He’d be so proud”

“Your face is back to front Will”

“That’s a serious haircut”

“Those of us who live in Derby are quite happy not to be visited by the verminous, plague-ridden inhabitants of Snottingham”

“I like the English rap”

“Yes, yes we have all seen pictures of an empty street before. No need to get excited”

“Love this duck city. Always nice when you see them in town”

“LeftLion is a pale shadow of its former entertaining self”

“Where are these 40 people when we’re playing a real gig?”

“*Tries to find red flag emoji*”

“Dunno why, but I always remember this Overheard in Notts comment from many issues ago: ‘You wipe wee to poo, not poo to wee’”

“That is eerie. I feel sorry for the lions all alone”

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