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Interview and Video Premiere: Taking a Sec with Daisy Godfrey

13 June 20 words: Addie Kenogbon

Addie Kenogbon catches up with local rising star Daisy following her much-anticipated second release, as we share a first look at the stunning new video.

Daisy Godfrey and her iconic smoky tones have been causing a stir on the Nottingham music scene and beyond for a few years now. Starting out by busking on the streets of the city, after being spotted by BBC Radio Nottingham’s Dean Jackson in 2016, Daisy was invited to perform a live session and a series of gigs for BBC Introducing, kick-starting her musical career.

In recent years she’s been hard at work songwriting, hitting the recording studio and taking to the stage at some of the UK’s best venues and festivals, including London’s esteemed The Jazz Cafe, and Nottingham’s virtual Nottstopping fest. 

This month marked the release of her latest track Take a Sec, the stunningly breathtaking follow-up to her debut single, Many Shades which was released at the end of last year. 

LeftLion is pleased to premiere the new video for Take a Sec - watch it here:

It’s been almost three years since we last caught up with Daisy, so we managed to pin her down for a natter to see what she’s been up to.

For those who have yet to check out Take a Sec, can you tell us a little bit more about it?
I think Take a Sec is reminiscent of classical soul, but with a contemporary vibe. Definitely a bit of a ballad! It features live strings, horns and gospel backing vocals

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?
When I was younger, my mum played a lot of Motown, Joan Armatrading, Fugees, and Kate Bush around the house so they are my go-tos. As I got older though, I got into more ‘Soul’ so Etta James is a big one for me as are Lauryn Hill, Sade, Sarah Vaughn and Marvin Gaye. I also love The Smiths and Radiohead. I think I get influenced by whatever I’m listening to at the time as well though. 

With the whole country on lockdown, how’ve you been keeping busy over the past few months? 
To be honest, like a lot of people I’ve been quite introspective during this time and done a lot of reflecting. I hurt my knee and I usually cycle everywhere so it’s definitely forced me to slow down. A lot of reading and eating has been done but also a lot of connecting with others. 

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when things go back to normal after lockdown?
First thing ... that’s difficult. Something involving food. I’ll probably go to Nando’s to be honest. 

Do you have any more exciting releases in the works?
I have some unreleased tracks and I’m working on new ones currently! I’m looking forward to putting more stuff out there. 

Though a lot is still up in the air for live music over the coming months, in an ideal world, if you could, what would be your dream gig / festival?
Mmmmm that’s difficult. I keep having fantasies recently about going to India though, so to play a gig in India would be a dream! 

You’re signed to local label Running Circle, what’s it like working with the team there? 
It’s a small team and we are all friends so it’s super chilled. 

You’ve got such a great signature sound. What is your writing process?
I always have my iPhone audio recorder on. Then I’ll improvise over a chord progression or a beat, pick out some melodies I like, and write the lyrics afterwards. That’s how Take a Sec was written. Me, Pete Beardsworth (producer, keys) and Jonni Scott (Bass) were writing in Pete’s living room. We hit record, Pete played a chord progression and the song started from there. 

Nottingham’s got a really great music scene. As a Nottingham lass yourself, how have you seen that scene change over the years and what are your thoughts on it now?
I moved away from Nottingham for a little bit and then came back but from what I’ve experienced, I think Nottingham is a great city for musicians. The scene is diverse, and I think artists can really develop here. For me, there’s a real sense of community within it. I’ve found it supportive and encouraging. 

What’s the best way for fans to catch the new track?
Any streaming platform such as Spotify, or Bandcamp is great as listeners can buy the track and the money goes directly to the artists. 

Take a Sec is out now on all major platforms.

Listen and purchase here. 

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