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The Thompson Brothers on Brian Clough and Their Favourite Pub in Town

1 June 20 words: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

Brian Clough
He was a fantastic manager in his prime and he really did put both Nottingham as a city and Nottingham Forest on the map. He was a good footballer too, although he didn’t get long to prove that. When Clough and Peter Taylor were together they were an unbeatable team – it was just when they parted that the cracks started to show. He really should have got the England job though, but then England doesn’t have a history of appointing strong football managers. 

Nottingham’s Twin Cities
There’s one in Poland and one in Germany, from what we can remember. But let’s face it, it’s all a bit of a public relations exercise for local governments. They should start acknowledging the twin suburbs of Nottingham instead. Mapperley Park and Basford aren’t far apart and they have loads of similar road names. They should join those together and they can have a party in Sherwood. 

Our favourite pub in town is The Dragon and our favourite near here is The Gladstone. We’d say we can’t wait for a pint of Adnams in The Dragon, but I think the landlady stopped serving it before lockdown began. So we might have to settle for a London Pride in The Gladstone instead. We also like The Ram in Arnold, Ye Olde Trip and Ye Olde Sal and that new Six Barrel place next to Victoria Centre. Maybe we should go on a pub crawl when they all open?   

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