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Lost City

Art Works: Zoe Kirk

18 March 20

Feast your eyes on her waterfall-inspired creation... 

A Peaceful Whitby Waterfall

I’m from Nottingham, though I’m currently studying BA Fashion Design at the University of Lincoln. I have a passion for design, sewing and fashion, but I also love to paint landscapes alongside my studies. I submitted my painting A Peaceful Whitby Waterfall to the Open Art Exhibition at The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, and it was displayed (and later sold) at the exhibition.

The painting was inspired by a visit to the countryside. I enjoy getting away from the cluster of cities from time-to-time, which is why I like to paint landscapes without any man-made objects included in the frame – to create a peaceful environment. This was a challenge due to the fact that I painted it over three days to a tight timescale, and it was a new attempt at painting a waterfall. However, it was fun to do and I felt a sense of achievement after completing it.

Another challenge I faced came from painting the water to look like it was flowing and moving with smaller brush strokes alongside the bigger strokes. To develop a good method for painting the water, I practiced multiple ways of different mark making before finishing the final piece.

Most of the paintings I’ve previously created have been part of my Art A-Level as I was developing my style in painting. In my A-Level project I focused on painting landscapes from different places I’ve visited, and I’ve tried to build on that since leaving college. In the next few years I plan on continuing and finishing my degree in Fashion Design, and then I aim to pursue a career in the fashion industry while continuing to paint on the sidelines.

Zoe Kirk Instagram

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