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The Comedy of Errors

Donating to help Notts people during Covid-19

20 March 20

Would you like to donate a bit of cash to the needy in Nottingham during the Coronavirus crisis? Want to make sure it goes to the right place? Here's some recommendations from us...

The Robin Hood Fund

Launched by representatives from Nottingham City Council and The Nottingham Project in a bid to raise much needed funds for the vulnerable and those most at need in Nottingham during this unprecedented period. The project is led by Greg Nugent, Chair of the Nottingham Board for Culture and Creativity, and Councillor Rebecca Langton, Portfolio Holder for Communities. 

Councillor Rebecca Langton said: “It’s going to be so important that we help each other in the coming weeks and we want to make sure people can do this safely, making sure help gets where it is most needed. That's why we're launching The Robin Hood Fund to help coordinate financial support. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped out already - from checking on a neighbour to shopping for others. The Robin Hood Fund will offer an opportunity for those who are willing to support their communities financially. We will make sure that all money raised gets to the people and places who need it most.”


Himmah's Food Bank Appeal

Himmah is a grass roots community-based initiative providing services to tackle poverty, racism and social exclusion. This includes campaigning and educational resources to meet the needs and aspirations of Nottingham's wider community. Their work is driven by the values of mercy, compassion, service and justice. The organisation is led by Sajid Mohammed, who this year was elected as Councillor of Mapperley Ward.

They raise money for local food banks all year round, bus since the Coronavirus outbreak their stocks have become extremely low. They usually look after at least fifty families per week, but at the moment because stocks and funds are so low they've had to cut this back to 32. So they're asking people to pledge or if possible set up a regular direct debit so they can continue to get food out to the families most in need.

Emmanuel House

Our friends at Emmanuel House (and the people they serve) don’t really have the choice to stay indoors right now. In response to the Government’s advice they are targeting their services solely at those still sleeping rough through all this.

They accept donations all-year-round and always need your help. They're also in fairly desperate need of hand-sanitiser, so if any of you have been guiltily hoarding a bit more than you need at home then please consider gifting an extra bottle to them. 

The last few charity projects we’ve done at LeftLion were for these guys as they’re on our doorstep and we regularly see the good work they do. 



The Nottingham-based non-profit, voluntary organisation that supports the rights of sex workers and those at risk of being exploited are in need of help to make sure that their fantastic work can continue through this difficult time. Any financial support will go to providing hot meals to clients, the purchase of harm minimisation and healthcare supplies, and assisting those in need of emergency funds when they are in crisis. 

Nottingham Artist Fund

With live venue closures seeing all upcoming gigs and events cancelled, the loss of income for artists has been catastrophic. The people who help make Nottingham the vibrant, colourful and creative place that we all love are being helped out by the establishment of the Nottingham Artist Fund, which will provide hardship funds for artists who are unable to work during the health crisis. Circle of Light and Hockley Hustle collaborated, set up the campaign and are hosting digital live stream festival Light Hustle on Saturday 4 April to raise money for the fund, which will feature Nottingham’s finest musical talent. 

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