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Future for Business: Marie's Story of Retraining as a Nurse

19 May 20 interview: Caroline Barry

It’s a pretty daunting time to work for the NHS. Under more scrutiny than ever before, and overwhelmed by a health crisis that, at the time of writing at least, shows no signs of slowing down, they’re literally risking their lives on a daily basis. While most of us are probably thankful that we don’t have to face working in healthcare right now, Marie, who has retrained through the Futures for Business scheme, is just about to start...

There has never been a stranger time to start a new job. I don’t know how many people would jump at the chance to have their first day on the front lines of the National Health Service (NHS) during a global pandemic, but here Marie is.

Marie (who would like to remain anonymous) is due to start with the NHS any day now after successfully completing a course in healthcare with Futures in Business in Nottingham. For anyone not familiar with Futures – they’re a training hub for individuals and businesses that offer a range of skills-based courses and adult education like English or Maths. Marie signed up to Futures with a view to studying computer course before changing her mind when she realised they could help her achieve her dream of joining the NHS. “I went to the careers office and they put me through to Futures who invited me to come to an open day,” she remembers. “It was all straightforward, although the only daunting bit was the initial assessment of Maths and English. It’s been over twenty years since I’ve done anything like that but they made it really easy and they were supportive.”

Returning to education as an adult can be a terrifying prospect. School memories, finances, homework and study length can all be a daunting prospect to anyone considering further education. Marie found that the hardest part was believing in herself and finding confidence. “When I started I was actually called Mrs Doubtfire in class, because I’m the worst person for doubting myself! Everything they threw at me, I said, ‘Oh no, I can’t do that’, but I soldiered through and did. Hayley, my tutor, was like a second mum to me. She knew when I was down, she knew when I needed support and that goes for all the team. If it wasn’t for them then I would have given up and wouldn’t be starting my dream job. I cannot thank them enough.”

She adds that she was surprised at how much she enjoyed having homework, “I was one of those in the class – and I had never been like this at school – who actually asked for homework to be sent over. I was enjoying it that much that I actually asked, ‘Can I please have some more work?’”

As far as I am concerned, I worked my bum off for the job

Marie’s hard work paid off as she was offered a job with the NHS after a successful interview. The course with Futures guaranteed an interview but the rest was down to her hard work. “I did the Level 1 Health and Social Care courses and passed both, which guaranteed an interview with the NHS. It gave you access to the interview, but not the job. I went to the interview and smashed it. I don’t know if it’s anything to do with the coronavirus as to whether I got it but, as far as I am concerned, I worked my bum off for the job.”

So how does she feel about joining the front lines of a global pandemic?

“I won’t lie, every time my phone beeps or a call comes through, I wonder if it's my turn to start, but I am dedicated to giving my best so I’ve always wanted to help look after people and even more so now. Patients are going into hospital now and they aren’t allowed to see family so we become their family. That gives me more drive and passion than anything because we are going to be the only people they are going to see.”

She adds that she’s been inspired by uplifting social media posts she has seen from nurses and doctors: “I’ve seen social media videos and they are making light of the situation and having a laugh. On the other hand, we know it is really dangerous. It’s nice to see them coming together and trying to be positive for each other. That’s something I can’t wait to be a part of. I don’t class it as an organisation, I class it as one big family and you are all in it together.”

I decide I can’t let the interview go without asking what she is most looking forward to about her fresh start and NHS life, and her answer genuinely makes me feel a bit emotional: “I think the thing I am looking forward to the most is offering everyone the best care possible. I’ve waited so long for this and I cannot wait to give something back to the patients. I know a hospital is somewhere we don’t want to be, but I’d like them to come away and know that I gave them the best possible care I can.”

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