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LeftLion Broadcasts at Nottstopping Festival

21 May 20

This weekend we are part of Nottstopping Festival, a Bank Holiday extravaganza celebrating and connecting Nottinghamshire. Here’s what you will see over the weekend on our Facebook page…

Saturday 23 May

Living A More Sustainable Life (panel talk)

Hockley Hustle and LeftLion are bringing together Nottingham’s top environment experts, sustainable business leaders, and community activists for two panel talks focussing on how we can help build a more sustainable and resilient society in light of the Covid-19 crisis. 

Our first talk focuses on living a more sustainable life - drawing on leaders in the local food and composting, reducing your waste footprint, local growing and cycling/green transport for this solutions-focussed panel talk. With a diverse pool of knowledge, we’ll discuss the practical steps that you can take to contribute toward a more sustainable society.

Guests include

  • Helen Hemstock - RideWise - cycling/green transport
  • Paul Paine - Ecoworks Community Garden - community gardens/urban growing
  • Xanthea Heynes - Honeybee Farmacy - habitat creation and rewilding
  • Anna de la Vega - The Urban Worm CIC - food waste/composting
  • Sarah Maloy - Shop Zero Nottingham - waste reducing/re-using/recycling

More information on the Facebook event

LeftLion Sofa Sessions with Rue Royale

Our nightly lockdown live music feature continues with Nottingham-based Anglo-American duo Rue Royale. Over a decade into their musical life together Brookln and Ruth Dekker have recently released In Parallel, an album of bold, rhythmic and sometimes haunting songs born from a time of beauty and tumult.

Rue Royale have paid their dues with 1,000+ shows in 16 countries; their harmonies, evocative melodies and intriguing musical shapes filling venues large and small, and getting radio and TV airplay on both sides of the Pond.

Check out Rue Royale on Bandcamp
More about LeftLion Sofa Sessions

Sunday 24 May

Beermat Doodlers Go Live with Emily Catherine

The Beermat Doodlers are a group of artists who formed as part of Nottingham Craft Beer Week. They create quickfire portraits of people on blank beermats. They usually do this in pubs, but since they all closed they’ve taken to doing it online to raise money for the Angel Microbrewery Open Kitchens project.

Team captain and regular LeftLion illustrator Emily Catherine is on doodles duty. She’s uber-talented and if you get online early enough to post your photo in the thread on the Beermat Doodles Facebook you might see her drawing you on camera.

In their ranks Beermat Doodles also feature regular LeftLion contributors Raphael Achache and Rikki Marr – as well as Laura Decorum, Talia and Dolly Loves Dallas.

Beermat Doodles

Building a Sustainable City (panel talk)

Our second talk focuses on building a sustainable city - drawing on climate leaders in the world of local politics, food, business, and activism for this solutions-focussed panel talk. With a diverse pool of knowledge, we’ll discuss the practical steps that local communities, business and government must take to help build a sustainable city.

Guests include

  • Sam Preston - Nottingham City Council - engagement and behavioural change
  • Jonathan Ward - Nottingham City Council - Carbon Neutral Nottingham 2028
  • Penney Poyzer-Schalom - Nottingham Good Food Partnership
  • Sarah Maloy - Shop Zero Nottingham - waste reducing/re-using/recycling
  • Etienne Stott - Extinction Rebellion Nottingham - activism and awareness

LeftLion Sofa Sessions with Georgie

Our nightly lockdown live music feature continues with singer-songwriter Georgie.

A singer-songwriter from Mansfield, she was signed as a teenager to the same management as Jake Bugg and has since toured across Europe with Blossoms, Jack Savoretti and the Lighthouse Family.

She recorded her debut single Company Of Thieves with the legendary Matthew E White and his Spacebomb house band in Virginia, USA. Since then she has worked with other acclaimed songwriters and producers throughout the pop universe. This set is pre-recorded.

Georgie website

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