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Midlands' Mix: Documentary Series Showcases Nottingham's Upcoming Bands

27 May 20 interview: George White

Ella Farnsworth's new documentary series Midlands' Mix aims to bring light to the best upcoming bands Nottingham has to offer...

Where did the idea for Midlands’ Mix come from?
I wrote, filmed and produced Midlands' Mix for my dissertation, as I am a final year Communications, Society and Media student at Nottingham Trent University. Initially I had planned to make a longer, single documentary featuring various artists but later decided that a series would be the best way to go, as I could have a clearer focus on each band per episode.

The idea for the documentary was inspired by another film called Sound it Out, from local filmmaker Jeanie Finlay, which focuses on the last record shop in Teeside. I wanted to create something that would showcase the wide range of talent in Nottingham and the Midlands area, and give local musicians the attention they deserve.

Episode one focuses on Left Hand Lane. Who else is featured in the series?
I have partially filmed a second episode with band Good Hustles, and I have another episode confirmed with Fading Blonde. During the series I aim to cover various genres of music, and I am welcome to any bands or musicians who would like to take part.

How did you find working with Left Hand Lane?
The band were lovely during interviews. They were easy to work with and made everything into a joke. I was a massive fan of their general feel and attitude as a group; they struck me as the practical joker types, but were also ready to work and help me in any way they could. They were constantly laughing, which really put me at ease and made me feel part of their family. I hope everyone checks out their new single, which is available on Spotify

How have you found the reception to the documentary so far?
It has been great. I have had a lot of interest from other bands and artists wanting to get involved. I would love to get the series out to as many people as possible, as I feel it has the potential to be a voice for local musicians who need that extra push to get their name known.

Why should people check out the series?
If you are a music fan and are interested in supporting local artists, this series is for you. Each episode provides a great insight into each band, their history, their inspirations and their future as a group. Whether you are checking out a band you already know or are just getting into local music and would like a taste of what there is on offer, there will be something for everyone as the series goes on.

Will you look to make more documentaries in the future?
I would definitely like to make more documentaries. I have worked on a range of different video projects throughout university and for freelance jobs, but I love the process of documentary making as it allows you to delve deep into a topic you either know and love, or would like to learn more about. It allows me to share my passions with others, and I find it to be a great outlet and voice, particularly when you are young, developing your own opinions and trying to find your place in the world.

The first episode of Midlands' Mix is now available on YouTube 

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