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The Thompson Brothers on Nottingham Rebels

3 May 20 interview: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

Peter Thompson RIP
Our father passed away earlier this month and we buried him. He was the Notts County FC groundsman from 1961 to 1998. We’ve been surprised by how many people have mentioned it to us in the shop because Notts County ran an article about him on their website. His death was not coronavirus-related. He was just very old and it was his time. 

We had a fantastic funeral with us, our two sisters, my father’s cousin, his half-sister and the Council workers in attendance. It was a lot different from our mother’s service – this was just a simple fifteen minutes done by the graveside. The legendary Les Bradd, the all-time Notts County top-goalscorer, had also been to see him before he died, which we know he appreciated. 

Nottingham Rebels
Our favourite has to be Alan Sillitoe. We loved both the book and the film of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Our father watched it several times too, but all he’d say about it was “that was when buses could go down Derby Road.” Lord Byron was a rebel too, but he had a lot of wealth and therefore it’s a lot easier to do what you want. It’s harder to be a rebel when you don’t have that luxury and you just need to get on with life. 

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