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Lost City

City Stylin' #31

25 November 20 words: Georgianna Scurfield

We took to the streets to find the most stylish folk in town...

Hi my name is Isaac and I go to school every day, but I don’t go on Saturdays and Sundays. My favourite thing to do outside is going on my bike and scooter and going to the skate park. I love to go down the ramps and do anything that’s fun outside, I also love the hula-hoop. My Nana and Tony got me the bike and it’s always important to wear a helmet, and my favourite thing to wear is green trousers, reflective jacket and a green jumper and a black t-shirt. But today I'm wearing black instead.

I love going on my bike with my mummy, my favourite place to go is to the forest and I like to bike over little bumps and look at the trees while I’m biking. It’s called magical forest because it’s magical.

It’s my birthday in November and I’m going to be seven. When I’m even older than that I’m going to be a builder or a policeman and what I’m going to do is build lots of stuff and catch crime.

Isaac, aged 6

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