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Nottingham Music Hub Partners with Open Orchestra For New Orchestral Project

10 November 20

Children with Severe, Profound and Complex Learning difficulties at Oak Field School are part of a year long project, showcasing “the power of music to reach us all”.

Eighteen young people with profound learning difficulties are taking part in a Nottingham based music charity’s new orchestral project. 

Following a new partnership with national disability charity Open Orchestras, Nottingham Music Hub is expanding its usual provision in order to provide music education and experiences to more young people in Nottingham. Already bringing music to 78% of City Centre primary schools, staff look forward to working with this new ensemble at Oak Field School. 

A musician from The Hub leading sessions for the project said: “After their third week of music lessons they were already all able to follow instructions – play, stop, loud, quiet, fast, slow. 

“They were thrilled, and their TA was delighted with their concentration and ability to understand and follow the sessions. In the afternoon I then had a class of PMLD students – children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. All students are in wheelchairs or beds and movement of arms tends to be involuntary. 

“The response from each student was incredible. All showed such happy smiles when they heard the sounds they made.”

Through one to one and group sessions, students are encouraged to experience making music using different senses. Re-imagining, composing and interpreting their thoughts using instruments and through music. They will be working towards a class performance to show how much they have achieved together. 

The weekly sessions started in October and will take place until next summer, with strong plans to continue the initiative afterwards. 

The Hub musician continued, “One girl came with her nurse who said she wouldn’t be able to play anything, she would only make some occasional noises with her throat. So, she was delighted when the girl independently moved her hand to play some notes on the keyboard. Then she did it again…and again! Her nurse was almost moved to tears at this reaction. What an achievement above and beyond any expectation. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress everyone makes across the year.

“This reinforces the incredible power of music to reach us all and provide a way to express and communicate when words aren’t quite enough. Nottingham Music Hub is delighted to be working with the Open Orchestra project and able to offer this fantastic work.”

Follow the project on Nottingham Music Hub’s website.

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