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Lost City

5 Nottingham Artists to Listen to This Month

20 November 20

The latest Nottinghamshire releases... 

Take The Leap/ Toothpaste/ Ostrich (Singles)

Nine years have passed since we last heard new music from Karizma (aka Alex Mighten), the self-professed ‘bad boy in a different way’ and once part of late nineties and early noughties supergroup OutDaVille. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his sound has matured in that time; always a consummate rapper and an exceptional freestyler, the biggest change is that he’s now singing harmony too. This little run of three single releases over three months (Sept-Nov) is both unexpected and joyous. Buoyed on by excellent production by Jack Wolff, we're happy to report there's a full album to look forward to next year too. Jared Wilson

Up in the Air (Album)

First finding fame in the noughties, when clubland’s chillout influence tipped over into the charts, Nottingham’s Neil "Nail" Tolliday and Simon Mills are back together as Bent. It’s been over a decade, but they’ve returned with a beautifully eclectic album. With soft synths and soothing vocals as well as some disco and eighties sounds there’s something for every music lover, no matter what genre you’re into. Perfect Sunday morning coffee and chill vibes. Ellie A 

Felix M-B
Chunk (Album)

If haunting melancholic escapism is what you’re after this winter, then look no further than Felix M-B’s debut album Chunk. Launched on Nottingham record label Phlexx, it features ten evocative songs touching on themes of love, friendship and loss. Title track, Chunk, is both charming and fun, conjuring up care-free sun-kissed days while Shifts offers a pleading mournful intensity. This is definitely an album to get lost in with pure enchantment in every track.  Addie Kenogbon 

Butterflies (EP)

Fusions of electronica, afro sounds, latin rhythms, hip hop and psychedelia all thrown into a melting pot that leaves you breathless. Showcasing FLVZ’s creativity, this Butterflies is the sonic reimagining of Nottingham-based fashion designer Dorota Stumpf’s work. Alongside FLVZ's original track are five remixes to keep you listening for all the nuances and possibilities that the music has to offer. A clever use of bass tones makes this a moody and moveable project that leaves you wanting so much more. Bassey

Various Artists 
Circle of Light 2 (Vol.1)

Perhaps fuelled by lockdown’s built up tension, listening to Circle of Light’s second album is like taking the lid off a mentos/soda pop combo; a rocket-powered stream of unexpected creativity. With less tracks but more collaborators than the first release, COL 2 is a two-part spectacular, with the next set coming at Christmas. Hats off to Tricia and co for overcoming the odds and keeping the community project alive, nurturing local talent and turning their studios into Notts’ new creative hub. Eileen Pegg 

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