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PSpowage Art Gallery Relocates to Mansfield Road

24 November 20 words: Pete Spowage

You might be used to seeing original artworks placed on canvases as you walk through Byard Lane, off Bridlesmith Gate. PSpowage Art Gallery has been based here since 1998, but due to recent pressures, you’ll now find Pete Spowage’s shop, gallery and studio on Mansfield Road. He tells us more about the history of his gallery, and why he’s relocating after over twenty years...


I opened my gallery in 1998, following a dream and going it alone because of certain encounters with the art establishment that left a bad taste in my mouth. I noticed Nottingham lacked original artwork in galleries, so how could I fail? I painted affordable modern art – in my own style of course; portraits, landscapes, abstract pieces of all sizes. l also noticed the commercial galleries didn't have odd sizes, so I made different shaped canvases.

I realised no one was showing local artists, so I started showing artist’s work from Nottingham and the surrounding areas. The gallery started to become a hub not just for artists, but for anyone with problems, so l took time to sit, listen and try to help.

The gallery became quite successful. l put aside a certain amount of money to help people, mainly abroad. I was very grateful I could do so many projects, including helping children get an education in Africa. I'm now based in Kenya, where I frequent orphanages.

Closing the Broadmarsh started the demise of Bridlesmith Gate and Byard Lane. intu bought lots of the shops around my gallery, upping the rent so only a few big corporates could afford the premises – but they stayed empty. Then Covid-19 came and sealed the area’s fate. My lease came to an end, so I decided to move in 2020. But I continue to do my art, and you can find me on Mansfield Road.

PSpowage Art Gallery is now based at 185 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FS. Currently appointment only.

PSpowage website

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