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Local Promoters Now Offering To Sell Your Soul for £666

16 October 20

In a move that would make Rishi Sunak and the government's new careers advice service proud, Nottingham-based music promoters I’m Not From London have diversified into beer, book publishing and satanic rituals…

William Robinson of I'm Not From London

For £666 INFL are offering to: “Come round yours, dressed in ceremonial hooded robes and perform a ritual sacrifice followed by an evil/sexy dance where we pledge our soul to you and whatever demonic entity or religion you feel appropriate. (We will give you a certificate for that).”

Before you notify the local exorcist, it’s actually the highest value reward on a new crowdfunder set up by the company to celebrate 15 years. Other rewards up for grabs include cans of a new (6.66%) beer made with local brewery Black Iris (£5) and a new 15 Years of Blood, Sweat and Beers book, edited by LeftLion Editor-in-Chief Jared Wilson.

INFL Director Will Robinson told us: “We had a massive party booked for the summer but then the world contracted a virus that left the music and events industry lost and flailing with neither job nor purpose.” 

“INFL isn't a 20 person, 5 day a week workforce. It's mainly me working every hour I can juggling responsibilities with priorities, gambling on events when I can and somehow trying to make all the pieces work.

"This campaign is a way to let people know about what we've done and where we going and make no mistake, it will definitely help I'm Not From London survive the uncertain time ahead.”

We’d advise you all to visit their Crowdfunder page now and consider buying some of their lovely new range of merch. Maybe go easy on the animal sacrifice though, huh?

I'm Not From London 15 Years Crowdfunder

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