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Nottingham Protests Planned Over Poland's Abortion Ban

28 October 20 words: Caroline Barry

Saturday will see protestors head to the Market Square in opposition of Poland's controversial anti-abortion law

Nottingham's Polish community are preparing for a second protest in the Market Square on Saturday evening in reaction to the changing of abortion law in Poland. The protest, which is due to start at 5:30, will observe social distancing and people attending must wear masks.

Poland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe. Last week, the top courts in the country ruled that abortions in cases of foetal defects are unconstitutional.

Once this is passed into law, it will mean that the only terminations that will be allowed are in cases of rape or incest or if the mother’s life is at risk. The ruling means a near total ban.

Foetal disabilities accounted for 98% of terminations carried out in Poland. A total of 1,074 of 1,100 abortions performed in the last year were as a result of this. Doctors can also refuse to prescribe a legal abortion and may refuse to prescribe contraceptives on religious grounds.

Aleks Malecka, organiser of the protest said, “We are angry. Incredibly angry. Our protest is a reaction for ruling made last Thursday by Poland's highest court that an existing law preventing the abortion of foetal disability was overturned leaving vulnerable women with no safe, legal alternatives.Because of the pandemic, we can't be in our country to show solidarity and fight, but we are here, and we have a voice. We want to be heard but not only by the Polish government but by the UK and Europe, by the world, we want people responsible for this to feel ashamed for what, they are forcing on their citizens.  We deserve choice.”

The protest will take place at 5.30pm on Saturday 31 October in the Market Square 

To make a donation to the Abortion Support Network, visit

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