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Confetti - Do It For Real

The Thompson Brothers on Joe Biden. Birthday's and Chrimbo Trees

6 October 20 interview: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

US Presidential Elections
We don’t really know who Joe Biden is, but it sounds like he might be a better bet than Trump. Why did Obama leave in the first place? (LeftLion explains the two-term limit). It’s a shame that only Americans get to vote for who their president is because it ends up having an effect on the whole world. Isn’t it about time they got someone back in who wasn’t a pensioner? Look to the future and all of that.  

It’s this Saturday (3 October). So it will have probably passed by the time most of your readers see this. We’re going to work during the day and we’ll have a bottle of champagne between us in the evening. We’re not going out to dinner as all of that seems a bit too much faff at the moment. All our lives, people have bought us joint presents. One year we got the Colditz board game and it was so complicated we never actually learned how to play it.

Christmas Trees
We went up to the forest in Carlisle this year to have a nosey at the Christmas trees we’ll be stocking in a month or so. We pay them a visit every year and they’re looking very good. It was a fun trip too when we got to Doncaster we saw some people riding Vincent Black Knight motorbikes. They were fantastic, with these tiny thin wheels bombing along the motorway at 80mph. Glorious!

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