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The Comedy of Errors

Fleximodal: What Wigflex Did Next

1 September 20

Wigflex and friends are set to unleash a new socially-distanced AV experience “unlike anything seen in the UK before”...

This year was going to be a big one for Wigflex. They’ve been putting nights on in Nottingham for over a decade, but for most of that time they were strictly for those in the know (they still don’t even have their own website). Then in May 2019 they put on the mammoth Wigflex City Festival; 14 venues full of boundary-pushing music, talks and art installations featuring Gilles Peterson, Honey Dijon, Max Cooper, Paris Lees and many more.

Something changed. Instead of the usual hundred or so revellers, thousands of people turned up, got a bit wobbly and danced the bank holiday away. Wigflex soon got national attention with The Guardian hailing ‘Nottingham's 'rudeboy techno' night’ and they even released their own beer.

Like the rest of the world’s live entertainment industry, most of what they had planned for 2020 has been put on hold. However, rather than sitting around and moaning about it, Wigflex have decided to do something different instead. The’ve hooked up with Multimodal (an experimental audio-visual event series from artist Matt Woodham) to create something called 'Fleximodal'.

From the information we’ve been sent it’s “a unique online streaming world and physical immersive experience”, “a socially motivated information stream of audio-visual stimulations” and “unlike anything seen in the UK before.”

In fact, here’s how they explain it in more detail: “Fleximodal TV is a digital response to the CV-19 related postponement of Wigflex City Festival 2020. As an attempt to re-employ all visual artists who had been set to work on the installation-heavy music festival, Wigflex and Multimodal joined forces to contact the extensive list of musical and visual artists that have contributed to the Wigflex event series over the last 13+ years.

“The result is a totally hand crafted audio visual realm of electronic wonders and sound-reactive stimulations; designed to fill any live music / club-culture shaped hole left empty during this global trajectory shift.”

We’re led to believe there are two ways you might be able to be part of Fleximodal. Firstly online in the comfort of your own home (or indeed another location of your choice) via the internet. Secondly by visiting for a physical experience exhibited within the Flexmodian War Bunker, which is somewhere to be announced in the city centre.

Visual artists involved include AVVA Studios, Dan Tombs, ethical porn company Oil Productions, Alice Nimier and the multi-award winning Wolfgang Buttress. Music-wise you can look forward to Ben UFO, Danielle, Parris, Sonja Moonear, Hizatron, Son of Philip, MC’s Snowy & Vandull, Frost, Daisy Godfrey, Yazmin Lacey, Congi and loads more.

Whatever Fleximodal turns out to be, we can assure you it won’t be boring. Mark Saturday 12 September in your diary and make sure you don’t plan anything important the morning after.

Fleximodal TV website

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