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Lost City

5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

22 September 20

The latest Nottinghamshire releases... 

At Home (Album) 
The release of local legend Georgie’s debut album has always been an exciting prospect, so when it dropped a few weeks ago, imbued with her experiences of lockdown alongside her signature songwriting sincerity, we knew it was destined to be a good’un. And sure enough, At Home is a scintillating and luscious debut, taking us on an emotionally charged journey with pace changes as real as those we have all experienced of late. Cool, joyous and from the heart. Becky Timmins

Fading Blonde
Walking Distance (Single)
Fading Blonde have been playing around Nottingham for a couple of years now, their alt-rock tunes gaining recognition in the local music scene. Latest release Walking Distance features a standout lead guitar accompanying softer vocals reflecting on heartbreak and melancholy. These layers gradually build to the intricate guitar solo which fades to the final echoing lyrics, signifying the agony of love lost. Fading Blonde are anything but fading, and hopefully it won’t be too long until we can see them live again. Molly Dodge-Taylor

Jem Woolley
Skyscrapers (Album)
Local artist Jem Woolley is a busy musician with his solo work, while also playing with Mighty Lightweights and Edward Stackpoole, but this lockdown release is a belter that deserves your time. Skyscrapers reminds me of the best in seventies experimental synth electronica and has a great 'play and record once only' feel to it. Listen to tracks Night Light, Ghosts and Endurance if you're into the Brian Eno feel. Lockdown just got a little better. Bassey

J Littles
Crazy (Single, produced by Claude Money)

A serene yet empowered backing track acts as a perfect undercurrent for J. Littles’ impassioned lyrics, which provide an emotional, sympathetic testament to the nation’s COVID frontline via classic hip-hop. Jazz-style sax and high-pitched piano keys carry each verse into calm and angelic choruses. With governmental warnings and news bulletins cut into the beginning and end of the beat, Crazy gives a nod to the unprecedented times we’re living through and recognises those laying down their lives for others. Ellis Maddison

Yazmin Lacey
I’ll Never Stop Loving You (Cover)
With her one-of-a-kind lyricism and timeless performance style, Yazmin Lacey’s reputation as a ‘modern mainstay’ in the contemporary jazz scene has been cemented with an appearance on the upcoming Bluenote Re:imagined collection. Joining Alfa Mist, Jorja Smith and more, Yazmin chose Dodo Greene’s I’ll Never Stop Loving You for her contribution to the future-classic compilation of vintage release reworks. Expect a sharp, bright reimagining that pays respect to the original, delivered by Yazmin’s characteristic tones. Eileen Pegg

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