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The Thompson Brothers on Goose Fair, Holidays and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

2 September 20 words: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

Goose Fair
We’re sad to hear it’s not going ahead this year, but it’s understandable. Our birthday is around then, so we often go for a few pints and then on some rides at the fair to celebrate. We remember going on the Magic Carpet and having never felt so sick in our lives. The Wall of Death is amazing and frightening to watch. How they get those motorbikes round there we’ll never know. We saw a bloke do it on his push bike once too…

Every year we go to Southwold and stay in the same hotel, but we’ve decided not to this year. Every man and his dog is having a British beach holiday and we’re concerned it will be too busy. There’s only one way in and one way out of there and if everyone stands two metres apart the last person will be in Norwich. We couldn’t possibly think of going anywhere else, either, so no holiday for us this year.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Why is Jeremy Clarkson doing that, when he should be doing Top Gear? When Chris Tarrant did it he was just a regional entertainer in Birmingham and it made him a national name. But Clarkson was already well known when he took it over. Maybe he just needs the work? We don’t watch it, but we enjoyed watching the celebrity version when George Michael was on. He lost it at £64,000 but asked to keep going and put up the money for charity himself. He was a very generous man.

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